Chippewa Valley's Contribution
to World War II

inspired and directed

Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

This website is dedicated to Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients Charles Mower & Eric Gunnison Gibson

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"From the heart" as published in the Leader Telegram 26 May 2003 

On November 20, 2002, we began publishing artifacts and memoirs of World War II Veteran Diz Kronenberg.  In reproducing those artifacts, we hope to honor and remember World War II  veterans from the Chippewa Valley.  Original text, at times,  has been edited for accuracy and readability. This website is a work in progress. Please be patient as we edit and update information.  To read about how the website began, click here: History of website
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Urgent request: If you met, know the whereabouts of, or know what may have happened to a young Moroccan man who called himself  Shillelagh [spelling?] during the North African Campaign, please contact us NOW! His job was to keep sheep off the runway at Casablanca Air Field.

If you click on the names below, you'll meet the people 
from the Chippewa Valley who served the United States in World War II

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bullet A
bullet Eida C. Aale
bullet Dorothy Abel
bullet Carl L. Abel
bullet Emil E. Abraham
bullet Henry H. Abraham
bullet Gerald R. Abrahamson
bullet Harold K. Abramson
bullet Clarence D. Acker
bullet Raymond J. Ackerman
bullet Charles F. Acord
bullet Raymond E. Adam
bullet Charles Adams
bullet Earl J. Adler
bullet Magne O. Ager
bullet Reuben E. Ahlen
bullet Spencer Ahneman
bullet G. Ainsworth
bullet Thomas F. Airis
bullet David W. Akerson
bullet Clifford Albert
bullet Clayton H. Aldrich
bullet Bob Aldworth
bullet Donald L. Aldworth
bullet George B. Aldworth
bullet Max K. Aldworth
bullet Kenneth J. Alf
bullet Femont H. Alitz
bullet Orville R. Alitz
bullet Raymond W. Allard
bullet John D. Allen
bullet Virginia G. Allen
bullet Donald J. Alm
bullet Lowell D. Alm
bullet James Alt
bullet Walter A. Alverman
bullet Ruben F. Amble
bullet Anthony C. Amelse
bullet Lucile Ames
bullet Elden M. Amundson
bullet Floyd J. Amundson
bullet Milton Amundson
bullet Raymond R. Amundson
bullet A. J. Amyotte
bullet Altona G. Anderson
bullet Alvin W. Anderson
bullet Anna Anderson
bullet Anton Anderson
bullet Arthur Anderson
bullet Arthur E. Anderson
bullet Arthur L. Anderson
bullet Arthur M. Anderson
bullet Arthur M. Anderson  
bullet Beatrice Anderson
bullet Carol M. Anderson
bullet Cecil R. Anderson
bullet Cecil W. Anderson
bullet Chris Anderson
bullet Clayton Anderson
bullet Delain Anderson
bullet Delois J. Anderson
bullet Dennis W. Anderson
bullet Donald H. Anderson
bullet Donald R. Anderson
bullet Doris J. Anderson
bullet Edward C. Anderson
bullet Elger J. Anderson
bullet Emil Anderson
bullet Gerald Anderson
bullet Gerald M. Anderson
bullet Gerald R. Anderson
bullet Goodwin J. Anderson
bullet Gordon E. Anderson
bullet Grace Anderson
bullet Harold F. Anderson
bullet Harold J. Anderson
bullet Herbert E. Anderson
bullet Honora J. Anderson
bullet Jack Anderson
bullet James Anderson
bullet James F. Anderson
bullet John A. Anderson
bullet John J. Anderson
bullet Keith E. Anderson
bullet Kenneth J. Anderson
bullet Kenneth K. Anderson
bullet Kermit Anderson
bullet Laurence J. Anderson
bullet Leonard J. Anderson
bullet Lester A. Anderson
bullet Lester J. Anderson
bullet Lincoln J. Anderson
bullet Lloyd W. Anderson
bullet Lyman F. Anderson
bullet Lyman O. Anderson
bullet Mabel Anderson
bullet Margaret Anderson
bullet Mary L. Anderson
bullet Maxine Anderson
bullet Melvin L. Anderson
bullet Nora Anderson
bullet Norman E. Anderson
bullet Norman E. Anderson
bullet Norman T. Anderson
bullet Olaf W. Anderson
bullet Philip H. Anderson
bullet Ralph W. Anderson
bullet Ralph W. Anderson
bullet Rasmus A. Anderson
bullet Raymond A. Anderson
bullet Richard E. Anderson 
bullet Richard S. Anderson
bullet Richard W. Anderson
bullet Robert A. Anderson
bullet Robert B. Anderson
bullet Robert E. Anderson
bullet Robert E. Anderson  
bullet Robert E. Anderson
bullet Robert H. Anderson
bullet Robert J. Anderson
bullet Robert O. Anderson
bullet Robert W. Anderson
bullet Sylvester M. Anderson
bullet Truman E. Anderson
bullet Tyler Anderson
bullet Warren A. Anderson
bullet William Anderson
bullet William A. Anderson
bullet William G. Anderson
bullet Henry B. Andrew
bullet Robert T. Andrew
bullet Merle Andrus
bullet George Anklam
bullet Cecil F. Ankney
bullet Keith Ankney
bullet William A. Arch
bullet Harry C. Armstrong
bullet Dale C. Arries
bullet Alfred Arthur
bullet Donald E. Ash
bullet Francis G. Ash
bullet Ralph Ash
bullet Robert T. Ash
bullet John H. Ashbaugh
bullet John P. Asher
bullet David D. Ashley
bullet James E. Ashley
bullet Charles Ashwell
bullet Merlin B. Asplin
bullet Oliver C. Atchison
bullet Val D. Atchison
bullet Marshall B. Atkinson
bullet Clinton Atteridge
bullet Dale T. Atteridge
bullet Robert H. Atteridge
bullet Lester Aude
bullet Frank W. Auer
bullet Donald F. Ausman
bullet Edward C. Ausman
bullet Elwood G. Austin
bullet Waldo O. Austin
bullet Norman H. Aylieff
bullet George Ayres
bullet Owen Ayres
bullet Stanley J. Ayres
bullet William F. Ayres
bullet B 
bullet Marvin Babbit
bullet Edward S. Babbitt
bullet Paul Babbitt
bullet Gordon H. Babcock
bullet William C. Babington
bullet Lambert G. Bachmeier
bullet Victor J. Bachmeier
bullet Alvin Backen
bullet Darwin C. Badger
bullet Millicent C. Badman
bullet Kenneth Baehr
bullet Norbert Baehr
bullet Norman Baehr
bullet Raymond C. Bahr
bullet Gaylord M. Bailey
bullet James W. Bailey
bullet Paul E. Bailey
bullet Ray A. Bailey
bullet Roy W. Bailey
bullet Erwin E. Baker
bullet Halmer L. Baker
bullet LaMoine H. Baker
bullet Dale L. Baldwin
bullet Ervin W. Balk
bullet Clayton G. Ball
bullet Francis M. Ballard
bullet Norman E. Ballard
bullet Alfred Balli
bullet Clarence E. Balow
bullet Earl Balow
bullet Norman Balow
bullet Lavern F. Balthazor
bullet Donald Bandoli
bullet Harold R. Bandoli
bullet Madlyn C. Bandoli
bullet Marvin Bandoli
bullet James Banghart
bullet Donald Banker
bullet Archie W. Bann
bullet Joyce A. Barager
bullet Clifton R. Barber
bullet Stanley C. Barby
bullet Robert R. Barland
bullet William J.  Barland
bullet David Barnes
bullet Forrest H. Barnes
bullet G. Donald Barnes
bullet James Barnes
bullet Marshall Barnes
bullet Samuel Barnes
bullet William H. Barnes
bullet Bernard Barney
bullet Edmund J. Barney
bullet James L. Barnhardt
bullet Bruce D. Barnum
bullet Earl L. Barnum
bullet John L. Barnum
bullet William Barnum
bullet Edward J. Barrett
bullet Eugene F. Barrett
bullet Kyle K. Barrett
bullet LaVerne Barrett
bullet Lawrence R. Barrett
bullet Marie M. Barrett
bullet Andrew J. Barrieau
bullet Wendell H. Barrows
bullet Harold W. Bartig
bullet Eugene L. Bartingale
bullet Mable Barton
bullet Carl J. Bartosh
bullet Richardis R. Bartosh
bullet Walter R. Bartosh
bullet Gaylen Baskin
bullet Leona G. Baskin
bullet Glenn E. Bateman
bullet Clifford H. Bates
bullet Robert Bauer
bullet Robert J. Bauer
bullet Claude R. Baumgartner
bullet Thomas E. Baumgartner
bullet William S. Baumgartner
bullet Adelbert Bautch
bullet Anselm A. Bautch
bullet Edmund A. Bautch
bullet John M. Beach
bullet E. J. Beauchaine
bullet William J. Beaulieu
bullet Darrell Beaver
bullet Arnold Becker
bullet Charley O. Becker
bullet Guy G. Becker
bullet Henry M. Becker
bullet Jerome K. Becker
bullet Raymond Becker
bullet Russell L. Becker
bullet Walter C. Becker
bullet Edward R. Beckwith
bullet Howard R. Beckwith
bullet Oscar Beckwith
bullet James L. Bedlack
bullet Edward W. Beecher
bullet Eldore E. Begalke
bullet Armond J. Beguhn
bullet Eugene E. Beguhn
bullet Louis W. Behlke
bullet Arnold Belden
bullet Kenneth Belden
bullet William F. Belden
bullet Charles E. Bell
bullet Charlotte C. Bell
bullet John D. Bell
bullet William R. Bell
bullet Robert L. Bellesbach
bullet Douglas W. Bellows
bullet Lloyd M. Bellows
bullet Vernon Bellows
bullet Walter G. Belter
bullet Robert Benish
bullet Robert D. Benjamin
bullet Edward E. Bennett
bullet Gordon Bennett
bullet Obie D. Bennett
bullet Robert C. Bennett
bullet Alf O. Berg
bullet Carl M. Berg
bullet Donald Berg
bullet Eilert G. Berg
bullet Ervin Berg Jr.
bullet Erwin Berg
bullet Eugene O. Berg
bullet Forrest Berg
bullet Gilford O. Berg
bullet Glen J. Berg
bullet Howard J. Berg
bullet James R. Berg
bullet John A. Berg
bullet Leland A. Berg
bullet Lyle G. Berg
bullet Lyman Berg
bullet Romaine M. Berg
bullet Hansen Bergen
bullet Raymond Berger
bullet Walter G. Berger
bullet Harold T. Bergerson
bullet James O. Bergerson
bullet Percy Bergerson
bullet Raymond L. Bergeson
bullet Eugene Bergh
bullet Owen D. Bergh
bullet Mancel R. Bergum
bullet Vilas Berlin
bullet Virgil Berlin
bullet Ralph A. Berndt
bullet John R. Bertie
bullet Robert N. Bertrand
bullet Ervin H. Best
bullet Willis Best
bullet Werner Bethke
bullet Frank Betz
bullet Lyman S. Betz
bullet Martin L. Betz
bullet Myra E. Betz
bullet William Betz
bullet Vern M. Bien
bullet Robert J. Biersteker
bullet Robert C. Biesterveld
bullet Ronald Biesterveld
bullet Donald L. Bignell
bullet Harry P. Bilderback
bullet Maurice H. Bilodean
bullet Freda E. Binzer
bullet John J. Birch
bullet Marjory A. Birge
bullet Verna B. Bitter
bullet Harlan B. Bixby
bullet Arvid H. Bjornton
bullet Charles A. Black
bullet Dewayne E. Black
bullet Marshall Blaisdell
bullet Wilbur C. Blaisdell
bullet Everett Blakeley
bullet Jeanne L. Blakeley
bullet Layton E. Blakeley
bullet Lynn H. Blakeley
bullet Robert P. Blakeley
bullet Russell B. Blakely
bullet Glen V. Blakeslee
bullet Dayton Blanchard
bullet Ernie N. Blang
bullet Marlynn L. Blank
bullet Waldemar G. Blasius
bullet Charles A. Blim
bullet James E. Bliss
bullet Kenneth J. Bliss
bullet Alton Block
bullet Walter Block
bullet Alan G. Blomberg
bullet Ernest L. Blomquist
bullet Robert C. Bloom
bullet Emary M. Blosmore
bullet Beverly Bluedorn
bullet William R. Bluedorn
bullet Irvin D. Blum
bullet Ambrose Boack
bullet Eugene Boack
bullet Robert B. Boberg
bullet Roy H. Boberg
bullet Marvin L. Bodeen
bullet Neva E. Boeckler
bullet Norman E. Boehlke
bullet Revelle R. Boehlke
bullet Robert H. Boehlke
bullet Walter E. Boehlke
bullet Robert J. Boehm
bullet Gerald T. Boehmke
bullet Frank H. Boehrer
bullet Robert E. Boernke
bullet Charles Boetcher
bullet Howard Boetcher
bullet John R. Boetcher
bullet Arland R. Boettcher
bullet Donald W. Boettcher
bullet Franklin W. Boettcher
bullet Elmer G. Boetzer
bullet Kenneth L. Boggs
bullet Byron S. Bogstad
bullet Grant A. Bogstad
bullet Joseph Bogstad
bullet Kenneth W. Bogstad
bullet Sylvester A. Bogstad
bullet Thomas Boley
bullet Donald W. Bolles
bullet Edson F. Bolles
bullet Harry L. Bolles
bullet William C. Bollinger
bullet Albert M. Boman
bullet Richard Bong
bullet Joseph Bonnefon
bullet John P. Bonner
bullet Joseph Bonnin
bullet Leo S. Bonnin
bullet Warren Bonnin
bullet Gerald T.  Bonus
bullet Robert E. Bonus
bullet Warren J. Bonus
bullet Dallas O. Books
bullet Donald Books
bullet Louis Books
bullet Raymond Books
bullet Willis E. Books
bullet L. T. Boortz
bullet Carroll Booth
bullet Evelyn A. Borchart
bullet Clifford Borgwardt
bullet Eugene F. Borgwardt
bullet Harris L. Borreson
bullet Robert H. Bortle
bullet Albin Borton
bullet Barney Borton
bullet Donald Borton
bullet Einar O. Borton
bullet Irvin A. Borton
bullet Arlie Bosher
bullet Harry W. Bosier 
bullet Robert J. Bosier
bullet Kenneth V. Bottolfs
bullet John J. Bouthilet
bullet Cleve Bovee
bullet Herbert G. Bowe
bullet Sylvan Bowe
bullet Emma T. Bowman
bullet Marjorie Boyd
bullet Vernon L. Boyer
bullet Laverne Braaten
bullet Merlyn Braaten
bullet Marvin L. Bradford
bullet Ernest Bradison
bullet Floyd Bradison
bullet Raymond Bradison
bullet William L. Bradley
bullet James E. Bradshaw
bullet Vivian C. Bragg
bullet Kenneth L. Brandt
bullet Adolph H. Brantner
bullet Wallace G. Brazeau
bullet Fred F. Brechlin
bullet Jerry Bredesen
bullet Leon G. Brewer
bullet Lester C. Brewer
bullet Vernon M. Brewer
bullet Donald S. Brian
bullet Harold A. Brian
bullet Dudley M. Brice
bullet Thomas F. Bridges
bullet Donald M. Brill
bullet Donald J. Brimmer
bullet Donald H. Brinkman
bullet Edward Brion
bullet G. Stuart Brooks
bullet Darrell Broten
bullet LaVern E. Brotzman
bullet Clarence Broughan
bullet Lloyd V. Brovald
bullet Charles B. Brown
bullet Charles D. Brown
bullet Clyde W. Brown
bullet Daniel F. Brown
bullet G. Allan Brown
bullet Howard B. Brown
bullet Richard Brown
bullet Richard J. Brown
bullet Roy G. Brown
bullet Russell D. Brown
bullet William O. Brown
bullet Earl W. Brownell
bullet Elwood O. Brownell
bullet William G. Bruchert
bullet Philip O. Bruden
bullet Norbert Bruechert
bullet John J. Bruer
bullet Stuart A. Brumberg
bullet Alfred Brummund
bullet Herman Brummund
bullet Reinhardt A. Brummund
bullet Lucille Brunner
bullet Frank Brushert
bullet Jack L. Brushert
bullet Onno J. Bryan
bullet Richard M. Bryan
bullet James W. Buchanan
bullet Arthur L. Buchholtz
bullet Clarence J. Buchholz
bullet Donald H. Buchholz
bullet Lloyd H. Buchholz
bullet R. A. Buckley
bullet Ruth D. Buckley
bullet Gordon E. Buckli
bullet Howard Buckli
bullet David Bugher
bullet Donald E. Bugrud
bullet Leonard Bugrud
bullet Jack G. Bullis
bullet Mary K. Bullis
bullet Fredrick W. Bunch
bullet Donald A. Bunde
bullet William A. Bunde
bullet Marshal L. Burger
bullet Charles L. Burgess
bullet Charles R. Burgess
bullet James Burgess
bullet Paul P. Burgess
bullet Elmer Burkart
bullet Kenneth Burkart
bullet Leo Burkart
bullet Rosemary C. Burkart
bullet Thomas A. Burkart
bullet Edward F. Burns
bullet Gerald Burns
bullet James Burns
bullet Mason R. Burns
bullet Robert W. Burns
bullet Thomas R. Burns
bullet Virgil H. Burns
bullet Floyd E. Burr
bullet Sherwin A. Burr
bullet Wilton H. Burr
bullet Gordon T. Burseth
bullet Lennis L. Burt
bullet Henrietta Bush
bullet Leonard Bush
bullet Ralph A. Bush
bullet Everett M. Bushendorf
bullet Harold Bushendorf
bullet Lawrence F. Bushendorf
bullet Frederick W. Butscher
bullet Robert L. Buttenhoff
bullet John Butz
bullet Donald R. Bye
bullet Bruce H. Bylander
bullet Carl E. Bylander
bullet Virgil Byng
bullet C
bullet Roger C. Cain
bullet Ralph Caldwell
bullet Joseph G. Califf
bullet Daniel G. Calkins
bullet Elsemore D. Call
bullet Lyman W. Call
bullet Allan J. Cameron
bullet Frank L. Cameron
bullet Graham Cameron
bullet Helen Cameron
bullet Lester Camfield
bullet Carroll Camp
bullet Allen J. Campbell
bullet Donald E. Campbell
bullet Earl R. Campbell
bullet Gordon Campbell
bullet Guy E. Campbell
bullet Harold H. Campbell
bullet James H. Campbell
bullet John C. Campbell
bullet Joseph E. Campbell
bullet Roy J. Campbell
bullet Roy M. Campbell
bullet Clayton H. Card
bullet Robert W. Card
bullet Jeanne S. Cardinal
bullet Robert E. Cardinal
bullet Spencer Cardinal
bullet Stanley J. Cardinal
bullet Ralph B. Carey
bullet Brule G. Carleson
bullet James W. Carleson
bullet Allen E. Carlson
bullet Palmer Carlsrud
bullet John W. Carney
bullet Arnold N. Carpenter
bullet Elmer W. Carpenter
bullet William R. Carpenter
bullet Arthur Carrol
bullet Charles E. Carroll
bullet Levi H. Carroll
bullet Marvin Carroll
bullet Gerald Carswell
bullet Harry C. Carswell
bullet John Carswell
bullet Thomas Carswell
bullet Edward E. Carter
bullet Gerald M. Cartwright
bullet Howard Cartwright
bullet Marvin D. Cartwright
bullet John Cary
bullet Mary J. Cary
bullet Ralph Cary
bullet Ray K. Casper
bullet Harvey L. Caswell
bullet M. J. Catlin
bullet James Caton
bullet Raymond Caton
bullet Robert J. Caton
bullet Kenneth Cattanach
bullet Willard Cavanaugh
bullet Norma Cayo
bullet Walter N. Chamberlain
bullet Warren Chamberlain
bullet George Chaput
bullet Roy Chaput
bullet Veronica Chaput
bullet Jane Charland
bullet Dorothy N. Charters
bullet Jack Chartier
bullet Glenn R. Chase
bullet Ellen Cheaters
bullet Charles F. Cheney
bullet Winston D. Chicquette
bullet Harris A. Childs
bullet Eugene Chinnock
bullet Robert E. Christ
bullet Owen C. Christensen
bullet Arley O. Christenson
bullet Clifford T. Christenson
bullet Earl F. Christenson
bullet Harold E. Christenson
bullet Randall L. Christenson
bullet George M. Christeson
bullet Alvin L. Christianson
bullet Harvey L. Christianson
bullet Mainville J. Christianson
bullet Melvin Christianson
bullet Roy J. Christianson
bullet John W. Christofferson
bullet Boyd C. Christopher
bullet Roger Christopher
bullet Woodrow Christopher
bullet Donald C. Christopherson
bullet Gordon Christopherson
bullet Odell Christopherson
bullet Arlene Chrysler
bullet Duane Churchill
bullet Leigh Claflin
bullet Dale R. Clark
bullet Earl L. B. Clark
bullet Glen Clark
bullet Harold L. Clark
bullet Wayne G. Clark
bullet Russell W. Clarke
bullet Franklin T. Cleasby
bullet John D. Cleasby
bullet Robert H. Cleasby
bullet William E. Cleasby
bullet Merlin Clickner
bullet William Clickner
bullet Floyd J. Clifton
bullet Frank W. Close
bullet Myron J. Close
bullet Douglas E. Clough
bullet Robert F. Coach
bullet Casper A. Cobb
bullet Rodney J. Cobb
bullet Grant C. Colby
bullet Hilton L. Colby
bullet Robert M. Colby
bullet Vincent B. Colby
bullet Gordon E. Cole
bullet James F. Cole
bullet Raymond E. Cole
bullet A. E. Coleman
bullet Arthur E. Coleman
bullet Ernest T. Collins
bullet Gerald D. Collison
bullet John Colombe
bullet Thomas G. Colombe
bullet Norman N. Condon
bullet Richard Conley
bullet John A. Connell
bullet Lavern Connell
bullet Richard E. Connell
bullet Clifford R. Conrad
bullet Lowell H. Conrow
bullet Jack Cook
bullet Homer R. Cooke
bullet Charles M. Coolidge
bullet Edward J. Cooper
bullet Guy L. Cooper
bullet Harold Cooper
bullet Claude Cornell
bullet Duane C. Cornell
bullet Jack D. Cornell
bullet Nathan E. Cornell
bullet Raymond L. Cornwell
bullet Virginia M. Cosgrove
bullet Lawrence J. Coss
bullet Robert R. Cotton
bullet Maurice J. Couture
bullet John L. Cowan
bullet Carl E. Cowin
bullet Don Cox
bullet James G. Cox
bullet Lewis A. Coyer
bullet Claude P. Craemer
bullet John D. Craemer
bullet Bert L. Crain
bullet Lavern R. Cramer
bullet Morris G. Cramer
bullet Wayne C. Cramer
bullet George H. Crandall
bullet Lawrence A. Crandall
bullet Robert Crandell
bullet Russell E. Crandell
bullet Robert E. Crane
bullet John Crank
bullet Kenneth F. Crank
bullet Lester Cravey
bullet Robert M. Crawford
bullet Robert Cretney
bullet Miles Creviston
bullet Malcolm H. Croll
bullet Robert H. Crook
bullet Keith Cropp
bullet Red R. Crosby
bullet Norman Crowe
bullet Henry G. Crowley
bullet James Culbert
bullet John L. Culbert
bullet William R. Culbert
bullet Homer T. Culver
bullet Lucian G. Culver
bullet Joseph Cumber
bullet Ronald K. Cummins
bullet Donald Curler
bullet Robert Curler
bullet Ralph B. Curren
bullet John A. Curry
bullet Myron H. Curry
bullet Stanley M. Curry
bullet Elbridge H. Curtis
bullet Robert A. Curtis
bullet Eleanor Cusick
bullet Henry B. Cusick
bullet D
bullet E. G. Dachel
bullet Allan L. Daggett
bullet Arlyn K. Dahl
bullet Ellwood Dahl
bullet Elmo Dahl
bullet Laverne J. Dahl
bullet Wilmer J. Dahl
bullet John F. Dahlberg
bullet Kenneth H. Dahlberg
bullet O. M. Dalbyk
bullet Ruby S. Dammann
bullet Arthur C. Dane
bullet Charles H. Daniels
bullet Delos M. Daniels
bullet Howard L. Daniels
bullet Manley L. Daniels

Robert Daniels

bullet Dennis B. Danielson
bullet Kenneth N. Danielson
bullet Reuben G. Danielson
bullet Ray C. Danklefsen
bullet Roy E. Danklefsen
bullet Robert F. Dannenberg
bullet Chester L. Davenport
bullet Douglas B. Davenport
bullet Irving Davenport
bullet Eldon K. Davey
bullet Merlin Davey
bullet Roland K. Davey
bullet Winona Davey
bullet James Davidson
bullet Juel Davidson
bullet Rudolph Davidson
bullet Addison C. Davis
bullet Allan Davis
bullet Charles A. Davis
bullet D. L. Davis
bullet Eugene C. Davis
bullet Evan C. Davis
bullet Frederick Davis
bullet John Davis
bullet Perry Davis
bullet Richard Davis
bullet Arthur E. Dawson
bullet Cecil R. Day
bullet George Day
bullet Kenneth Day
bullet Eugene O. Decker
bullet Mark W. Decker
bullet Norris H. Decker
bullet Peter G. DeGeus
bullet Norman Deichel
bullet George H. Deilke
bullet Richard J. Deinhammer
bullet Bud C. Deline
bullet Durward W. Deline
bullet Eugene D. DeLisle
bullet Daniel Delmore
bullet Earl DeLong
bullet Ivan DeMoe
bullet Richard H. Derge
bullet Gordon W. Deringer
bullet Fred Dern
bullet William G. Dern
bullet Clyde C. Derouin
bullet Francis E. Derouin
bullet James P. Derouin
bullet John Derouin
bullet Joseph M. Derouin
bullet Arthur E. Derusha
bullet Kenneth F. DesForge
bullet Kenneth Dessen
bullet Warren Dettmer
bullet Charles J. Devendorf
bullet James J. Devine
bullet Vernon E. Dewitz
bullet Lester A. Dickens
bullet Lester C. Dickens
bullet Joseph R. Dickerson
bullet Leroy Dickerson
bullet Donald K. Dickson
bullet Jeane Dietz
bullet Lew E. Digby
bullet Robert J. Dignin
bullet William Dignin
bullet Richard Dineen
bullet Julius Dinger
bullet Jack L. Dinkel
bullet Gus Dirks
bullet Corrine T. Dittmer
bullet Earl F. D'Lamatter
bullet John W. D'Lamatter
bullet Virgil E. D'Lamatter
bullet Al J. Dodge
bullet Beverly M. Dodge
bullet Burlie Dodge
bullet Clayton Dodge
bullet Mitchell Dodge
bullet James E. Dodmead
bullet Herman Dohms
bullet Donald C. Dole
bullet Gordon Domer
bullet Roger W. Domer
bullet Joseph F. Donahue
bullet Earl W. Donais
bullet Elmohr F. Donais
bullet Robert L. Donais
bullet Barbara Donaldson
bullet Charles D. Donaldson
bullet Robert S. Donaldson
bullet Joseph C. Donkle
bullet David S. Donnellan
bullet Glen P. Donovan
bullet Charles E. Dorn
bullet Clifford E. Dorr
bullet Ray L. Dorr
bullet Arthur A. Drabant
bullet LaVerne Dracel
bullet Alson N. Drake
bullet Donald E. Drake
bullet Henry Dreessen
bullet Herbert Dreessen
bullet Gerald F. Dreger
bullet Arvid Drehmel
bullet Edward Drehmel
bullet Gerald G. Drehmel
bullet Walter Dreke
bullet Leroy Drinkwine
bullet Harvey L. Drung
bullet Vernon A. Drury
bullet Lawrence Dubberke
bullet LeRoy L. Dubois
bullet Loren G. Dubois
bullet Douglas Dueringer
bullet Myrtle Duerkap
bullet Laurence A. Duerkop
bullet Roger G. Duffy
bullet John A. Duganne
bullet Robert H. Duguid
bullet John Dull
bullet Raymond Dunphy
bullet Bernard Dupont
bullet Norman L. Dupont
bullet Bert Durand
bullet William J. Durow
bullet William C. Dutter
bullet John R. Duxbury
bullet Ralph E. Duxbury
bullet E
bullet Marshall Easterson
bullet Kenneth L. Eaton
bullet James H. Ebeling
bullet Alan C. Ecker
bullet Vincent E. Eckert
bullet Duane C. Eckstedt
bullet E. A. Eddiegorde
bullet Ivan E. Edelmon
bullet Robert W. Edgar
bullet Frederick W. Edgell
bullet Pete Edington
bullet Arlus Edwards
bullet Donald E. Edwards
bullet John Edwards
bullet Philip Edwards
bullet Robert W. Edwards
bullet George F. Egan
bullet John D. Egan
bullet Lavant G. Egan
bullet John Egdahl
bullet Richard H. Egdahl
bullet Edgar J. Eggen
bullet Elmer E. Eggen
bullet Glen E. Ehle
bullet Vernon L. Ehlert
bullet Robert D. Ehrhard
bullet Leonard Eide
bullet Millard Eide
bullet Harvey J. Eisold
bullet Odin H. Eliason
bullet George P. Elkerton
bullet Harlow E. Ellefson
bullet Blaine J. Ellenberger
bullet Edner J. Ellifson
bullet Eugene C. Ellingson
bullet Milton W. Ellingson
bullet Sidney A. Ellingstad
bullet George E. Elliott
bullet Howard C. Elliott
bullet Jean C. Elliott
bullet John E. Elliott
bullet Norman D. Elliott
bullet Robert A. Elliott
bullet Joseph F. Ellis
bullet Frank Ellner
bullet Donald Elwood
bullet William J. Emard
bullet LaVerne G. Emberts
bullet Richard E. Embertson
bullet Laverne Emerick
bullet Glen R. Emerson
bullet John Emerson
bullet Norman V. Emerson
bullet Richard C. Emerson
bullet Thomas G. Emery
bullet Arnold L. Ender
bullet Benjamin Ender
bullet Beverly J. Ender
bullet Donald E. Engebretson
bullet Kenneth Engebretson
bullet Norman R. Engebretson
bullet Vernon R. Engebretson
bullet Milan Engen
bullet Trigve Enger
bullet Marvin Engevold
bullet Elizabeth English
bullet John E. Engstrom
bullet James J. Engstrum
bullet Francis R. Epp
bullet Herman J. Epp
bullet August W. Erdman
bullet Alfred Erickson
bullet Clare E. Erickson
bullet Dan M. Erickson
bullet Delores L. Erickson
bullet Delos W. Erickson
bullet Donald Erickson
bullet Donald L. Erickson
bullet Douglas Erickson
bullet Eldon J. Erickson
bullet Ernest E. Erickson
bullet Ernest R. Erickson
bullet Gordon D. Erickson
bullet Gordon O. Erickson
bullet Harold J. Erickson
bullet Harris C. Erickson
bullet Henry H. Erickson
bullet Howard M. Erickson
bullet John A. Erickson
bullet Leonard H. Erickson
bullet Louis A. Erickson
bullet Merton Erickson
bullet Norman C. Erickson
bullet Norman C. Erickson
bullet Oaklyn A. Erickson
bullet Oscar Erickson
bullet Paul Erickson
bullet R. J. Erickson
bullet Thomas D. Erickson
bullet Vilas M. Erickson
bullet William E. Erickson
bullet Patricia H. Erity
bullet Mathew J. Erpenbach
bullet Max Erpenbach
bullet Patricia E. Eusty
bullet Jerome A. Evenson
bullet John Evenson
bullet Leslie D. Eversole
bullet Alfred J. Everson
bullet Ardien W. Everson
bullet Dale Everson
bullet John L. Everson
bullet Keith D. Everson
bullet Mary L. Everson
bullet Richard J. Everson
bullet Willard J. Evert
bullet F
bullet Don Falconburg
bullet Robert E. Falkner
bullet Robert J. Farley
bullet Curtis N. Farmer
bullet John Farrell
bullet Loren L. Farrell
bullet Clifford Fauser
bullet Donald O. Fauser
bullet Robert J. Fausett
bullet Earl Fawley
bullet Edgar A. Fear
bullet Clarence L. Fedie
bullet George Feeney
bullet Wilmer O. Feldman
bullet Clements A. Felsheim
bullet Leona A. Felton
bullet Clyde F. Felton
bullet Ernest L. Felton
bullet Alois F. Fencl
bullet Daniel L. Fenner
bullet Edwin J. Fenner
bullet Harry N. Fenner
bullet Herbert Ferdon
bullet Roy E. Ferdon
bullet Laverna Ferg
bullet Arthur B. Ferrigan
bullet William Ferrigan
bullet Dorothy M. Fethke
bullet Ernest Fetter
bullet Ray M. Fey
bullet James E. Field
bullet Robert E. Field
bullet Victor Figlmiller
bullet Thomas Findley
bullet Charles W. Finn
bullet Richard K. Finn
bullet Leonard A. Finseth
bullet Orpha L. Finseth
bullet Albert M. Fischer
bullet Clarence E. Fischer
bullet Jack W. Fischer
bullet Robert Fischer
bullet Fred Fisher
bullet James A. Fisher
bullet James N. Fisher
bullet John Fisher
bullet Joseph F. Fisher
bullet Milton H. Fix
bullet Mark Fjelstad
bullet Kora Flagstad
bullet Jerome C. Flaten
bullet Buck Flech
bullet Donald E. Fleming
bullet Lawrence Fleming
bullet Margaret M. Fleming
bullet Paul I. Fleming
bullet Robert Fleming
bullet Robert L. Fleming
bullet Rodney Fleming
bullet William T. Fleming
bullet Thomas A. Fletty
bullet Mark M. Flick
bullet Donald A. Fliehr
bullet Neal M. Floberg
bullet James A. Flood
bullet Ernest L. Flynn
bullet Frances C. Flynn
bullet Leland E. Flynn
bullet Lorena Flynn
bullet Raymond H. Flynn
bullet Thiel L. Flynn
bullet Marvin F. Fobes
bullet Victor E. Folkedahl
bullet Wesley M. Follensbee
bullet Dale R. Folsom
bullet Robert F. Fomberg
bullet Elizabeth Fontillas
bullet Raymond Forcier
bullet David R. Forster
bullet Raymond Fosberg
bullet Vernon J. Foslid
bullet Carl O. Foss
bullet Clayton Foss
bullet Earl Foss
bullet Roy W. Foss
bullet John C. Foster
bullet Marvin R. Foster
bullet Willis A. Foster
bullet Edward Fotland
bullet Glen Fotland
bullet Clifford L. Fouser
bullet Donald Fouser
bullet Floyd F. Foust
bullet Frank A. Fox
bullet Norman H. Fox
bullet Charles J. France
bullet Melvin M. Frandsen
bullet Norman Frandsen
bullet Albert L. Frank
bullet Arthur Frank
bullet George L. Frank
bullet Richard P. Frank
bullet Robert A. Frank
bullet Jack G. Franklin
bullet Arnold J. Franson
bullet Richard J. Frase
bullet James W. Frasl
bullet Roy C. Frasl
bullet Myron E. Frazier
bullet Garfield Freeberg
bullet Marvin Freeberg
bullet Edward Freeman
bullet Edward F. Freeman
bullet Edward H. Freeman
bullet Forest H. Freeman
bullet Alfred Freid
bullet Harold C. Freid
bullet Joseph A. Freid
bullet Ralph R. Freid
bullet Jim Frenette
bullet Eldon L. Friede
bullet John Friedeck
bullet Mary Friedeck
bullet Frank Frion
bullet Chester C. Frisbie
bullet Mark J. Frisle
bullet Eulalie Fristad
bullet Fred Fritzmeier
bullet Harry E. Frye
bullet Wallace J. Fry
bullet Joseph Fuderer
bullet Robert H. Fugate
bullet Vern H. Fuller
bullet Louis J. Furrer
bullet Horace S. Fuson
bullet Robert Fyksen
bullet G
bullet Donald Gaal
bullet Richard Gaal
bullet Leonard Gabriel
bullet Stanley O. Gabrielson
bullet Richard Gabus
bullet Rita J. Gagnelius
bullet Raymond J. Gajda
bullet Donald Galde
bullet Ernest O. Galde
bullet Gerald O. Galde
bullet Maurice G. Galde
bullet Irving J. Gale
bullet James Gallagher
bullet John M. Gallagher
bullet John P. Gallagher
bullet Robert Gallagher
bullet Arthur Galstad
bullet Selmer Galstad
bullet Robert G. Ganka
bullet Richard A. Ganther
bullet Robert H. Ganther
bullet William D. Gantzert
bullet Arthur Gardner
bullet Everett M. Gardner
bullet Max Gardner
bullet Duane Gardow
bullet Lamoine A. Gardow
bullet George A. Garman
bullet Wayne Garman
bullet Edward Garnett
bullet George F. Garnett
bullet Jack C. Garnett
bullet Neil B. Garnett
bullet Paul Garnett
bullet Richard A. Garsow
bullet LaVerne Garth
bullet Charles Garton
bullet David Garton
bullet Donald R. Garton
bullet Floyd E. Garton
bullet Raymond E. Garton
bullet Robert J. Garton
bullet Thomas A. Garton
bullet Lloyd E. Gates
bullet Dayton O. Gaylet
bullet Warner Gebhardt
bullet Duane G. Gehring
bullet Fred H. Geiger
bullet Adolph L. Gentry
bullet Thomas Geralamo
bullet Franz C. Gerber
bullet James C. Gerber
bullet John E. Gerber
bullet Thomas Gerber
bullet Arthur V. Gerke
bullet Robert E. Gerke
bullet Bill Germann
bullet James A. Germann
bullet Ernest W. Gerth
bullet LaVerne Gerth
bullet Arthur Geske
bullet Allan G. Gessner
bullet Harlan W. Gessner
bullet Russell W. Getchel
bullet Gordon C. Geving
bullet Dennis E. Gibson
bullet Eric G. Gibson
bullet James F. Gibson
bullet Kenneth Gibson
bullet Lloyd Gibson
bullet Richard Gibson
bullet Vera Gifford
bullet Warren K. Gifford
bullet Marvin Gilbeck
bullet Glenn E. Gilbert
bullet Harry L. Gilbert
bullet Howard C. Gilbert
bullet Russell F. Gilbert
bullet Donn B. Gilberts
bullet Allen C. Gilbertson
bullet Donald Gilbertson
bullet Ed M. Gilbertson
bullet Elmer L. Gilbertson
bullet George D. Gilbertson
bullet Harold Gilbertson
bullet Herbert Gilbertson
bullet Howard M. Gilbertson
bullet Leslie A. Gilbertson
bullet Robert L. Gilbertson
bullet Roger A. Gilbertson
bullet Vernon J. Gilbertson
bullet Warren Gilbertson
bullet Donald L. Gilboy
bullet Ernest R. Gilboy
bullet Leo C. Gilboy
bullet Paul J. Gilboy
bullet Ralph L. Gilboy
bullet Delores A. Gilchrist
bullet Helen M. Gilchrist
bullet Theodore Gilchrist
bullet John D. Giles
bullet O. Eugene Giles
bullet Paul R. Giles
bullet Cecil B. Gill
bullet Donald I. Gillett
bullet Voigt P. Gillett
bullet William M. Gillett
bullet Evalyn E. Gillson
bullet Gilbert Gingras
bullet Lenear Ginther
bullet Vera Gipford
bullet Oliver J. Girard
bullet Broadus M. Girtman
bullet Elmer H. Glenz
bullet Hubert Glenzer
bullet John E. Glomski
bullet Charles H. Gobel
bullet Robert E. Gobel
bullet Fred Goeppinger
bullet Harry E. Goeppinger
bullet Ralph Goeppinger
bullet Charles Goethel
bullet Mary Rita Goethel
bullet William A. Goethel
bullet Bruce R. Goetsch
bullet James O. Golden
bullet Kenneth D. Golden
bullet Amos L. Golisch
bullet Gordon Gonderzik
bullet Elmer Goodenough
bullet Arthur Gordon
bullet Edward Gordon
bullet John Gordon
bullet Edward C. Gorell
bullet Edward H. Gorell
bullet John W. Gorell
bullet William R. Gorell
bullet Edward Gorkowski
bullet Lewis Gorkowski
bullet Louise Gorkowski
bullet LaVerne Gormanson
bullet James A. Gort
bullet Douglas J. Gorton
bullet John Gorton 
bullet Kenneth D. Gorton
bullet Lee E. Gorton
bullet Nathan J. Goss
bullet Clarence J. Gould
bullet Edwin D. Gould 
bullet Eldon V. Gould
bullet Elwin D. Gould
bullet Clayton Goulet
bullet Donald S. Goulet
bullet Nilah A. Goulet
bullet Orville C. Goulet
bullet Wilbur A. Goulet
bullet John D. Goulette
bullet Joyce Goulette
bullet Eugene H. Graham
bullet Arthur C. Grahs
bullet Donald L. Grahs
bullet Elmer S. Grahs
bullet Vincent J. Grahs
bullet Sigmund R. Gram
bullet Alvin R. Granger
bullet Howard Granger
bullet Mahlon A. Graves
bullet Leonard J. Grecco
bullet Archibald Green
bullet Theron K. Green
bullet Thomas R. Green 
bullet Donald J. Greene
bullet Glenn T. Greene
bullet Phillip F. Greening
bullet Donald C. Gregerson
bullet Robert W. Gregerson
bullet Donald E. Gregis
bullet Ivan D. Gregory
bullet Robert E. Gregory
bullet Meta J. Greinke
bullet Ervin L. Greuel
bullet Herbert G. Grewe
bullet August Griese
bullet James J. Griffin
bullet Vera Griffin
bullet William C. Griffin
bullet Leif Grinna
bullet Gladys Grinsel
bullet Gordon A. Grip
bullet Wilber G. Grippen
bullet Ronald Grondin
bullet Albert A. Grorud
bullet Marvin Grossklaus
bullet Malcom W. Grover 
bullet Alfred M. Gruber
bullet Orville W. Gruen
bullet Herbert E. Grunska
bullet Dale M. Guay
bullet Edward A. Gubrud
bullet Eugene N. Guirl
bullet Andrew Gullickson
bullet Canel J. Gullickson
bullet Carl Gullickson
bullet Clifford B. Gullickson
bullet Gustave Gullickson
bullet Harold H. Gullickson
bullet Marshall S. Gullickson
bullet Merle H. Gullickson
bullet Vernon A. Gullickson
bullet Harvey F. Gullicksrud
bullet Dewey Gunderson
bullet Ernest L. Gunderson
bullet Gordon S. Gunderson
bullet Harold E. Gunderson
bullet Mary E. Gunderson
bullet Newell Gunderson
bullet Orville J. Gunderson
bullet Robert D. Gunderson
bullet Robert L. Gunn
bullet Theodore P. Gunnes
bullet Jack C. Guthrie
bullet William J. Guyton
bullet Mardell E. Gygle
bullet H
bullet John O. Haanstad
bullet Wayne D. Haanstad
bullet Jensine K. Haarvei
bullet John B. Haas
bullet Vincent A. Haas
bullet Clarence W. Haase
bullet Eldon A. Haase
bullet Robert L. Haase
bullet Jerome Hable
bullet Earl Haddeman
bullet Ernest L. Hagedorn
bullet Dilon Hagen
bullet Gordon E. Hagen
bullet Laurence J. Hagen
bullet Marvin H. Hagen
bullet Thomas Hagen
bullet Laverne Hageness
bullet Henry J. Hagg
bullet Virginia T. Hagg
bullet Alfred T. Hagman
bullet James M. Hagman
bullet Robert R. Hagman
bullet Lawrence P. Hagmann
bullet Robert J. Hagstrom
bullet C. O. Hahn
bullet Roger R. Hahn
bullet W. F. Hahn
bullet Linton Hainer
bullet Lloyd D. Haines
bullet Orville J. Halbert
bullet Robert L. Halblieb
bullet Robert Hale
bullet Donald Hall
bullet Earl A. Hall
bullet John K. Hall
bullet Martin E. Hall
bullet Russell J. Hall
bullet Sidney D. Hall
bullet Amos Halverson
bullet David L. Halverson
bullet Ingvald K. Halvorson
bullet Leslie A. Halvorson
bullet Edward H. Halvorson
bullet Larry Halvorson
bullet Raymond Halvorson
bullet Willis W. Hamel
bullet Dale H. Hamilton
bullet Lawrence Hamler
bullet Phillip M. Hammer
bullet Dorothy Kinney-Hammond
bullet Earl L. Hammond
bullet Marlin D. Hammond
bullet Neil S. Hammond
bullet Carl W. Hanke
bullet Laverne G. Hanke
bullet Lawrence A. Hanke
bullet Marvin L. Hanke
bullet Charles L. Hannafin
bullet Phillip J. Hannafin
bullet Fred T. Hansen
bullet Glen M. Hansen
bullet Harriet M. Hansen
bullet Oscar W. Hansen
bullet Chris Hansman
bullet Alfred M. Hanson
bullet Allard M. Hanson
bullet Arthur Hanson
bullet Arthur G. Hanson
bullet Chauncey A. Hanson
bullet Conwall O. Hanson
bullet Donald Hanson
bullet Harold M. Hanson
bullet Harold W. Hanson
bullet Harry A. Hanson
bullet Hilmen F. Hanson
bullet Howard Hanson
bullet James E. Hanson 
bullet Kenneth Hanson 
bullet Marvin H. Hanson
bullet Merlin Hanson
bullet Merlin L. Hanson
bullet Norman J. Hanson
bullet Norris G. Hanson
bullet Odean A. Hanson
bullet Ralph C. Hanson
bullet Raymond E. Hanson
bullet Raymond T. Hanson
bullet Robert Hanson
bullet Robert B. Hanson
bullet Robert N. Hanson
bullet Robert W. Hanson
bullet Robert W. Hanson 2
bullet Robert W. Hanson 3
bullet Victor A. Hanson
bullet Walter Hanson
bullet Wilfred Hanson
bullet William H. Hanson
bullet Arthur S. Hanstrom
bullet Peter J. Harings
bullet Arland O. Harlson
bullet Charles Harlson
bullet Robert Harmon
bullet Stephan Harmon
bullet William Harmon
bullet Freddie Harms
bullet Glenn V. Harper
bullet Joseph D. Harper
bullet William J. Harper
bullet Robert E. Harriman
bullet Ames M. Harrington
bullet Edward S. Harrington
bullet John H. Harris
bullet Paul L. Harris
bullet Shirlee J. Harsch
bullet Gerald A. Harschlip
bullet Richard Harschlip
bullet Donald L. Harsh
bullet Douglas C. Harsh
bullet Joseph A. Harstad
bullet Wilmer Harstad
bullet Armsby T. Hart
bullet Ervin Hart
bullet Eugene R. Hart
bullet James A. Hart
bullet Jessie Hart
bullet Peter F. Hart
bullet Robert M. Hart
bullet James Harvey
bullet John M. Harvey
bullet Clifford E. Haskins
bullet Edward G. Haskins
bullet Arthur W. Hass
bullet Vernon D. Hass
bullet Werner E. Hass
bullet Lyle F. Hasse
bullet John Hassemer
bullet Eugene Hatch
bullet Janet C. Hatch
bullet Leonard J. Hatch
bullet Monroe Hatch
bullet Earl L. Hathaway
bullet Myrland L. Hatleli
bullet Edwin L. Haug
bullet Morris Haug
bullet Norman L. Haug
bullet Norris T. Haug
bullet Thorn Hauge
bullet Alfred D. Haugen
bullet Arnold M. Haugen
bullet Chester M. Haugen
bullet Glen M. Haugen
bullet Laverne C. Haugen
bullet Loren W. Haugen
bullet Olaf Haugen
bullet Owen M. Haugen
bullet Juel Haugle
bullet Roy D. Havenor
bullet William H. Havens
bullet Gordon Haversholm
bullet Thomas J. Hawke
bullet Kenneth M. Hawkins
bullet Walter Hayden
bullet Clifford A. Hayes
bullet Franklin Hayes
bullet Franklin B. Hayes
bullet Minor D. Hayes
bullet Vane S. Hayes
bullet Frank W. Hays
bullet Edward N. Hazelton
bullet James R. Hazelton
bullet Lawrence O. Hazelton
bullet Paul L. Heaberlin
bullet Stanley Heath
bullet Veronica Heck
bullet Francis A. Hedler
bullet Earl H. Hedrington
bullet Clyde G. Heffernan
bullet Florin Hegge
bullet George Hegge
bullet Carl Hehl
bullet Robert V. Hehli
bullet Don L. Heideman
bullet George E. Heideman
bullet Ray Heideman
bullet Clyde F. Heidtke
bullet M. H. Heike
bullet Oscar J. Heike
bullet Lamoine E. Heiman
bullet William Heiman
bullet Irvin C. Heimstadt
bullet Douglas A. Heimstead
bullet Lamoine E. Heimstead
bullet George Heinzke
bullet John Heinzke
bullet Theodore J. Heinzke
bullet Lloyd A. Helgeson
bullet Norman Helgestad
bullet Harland E. Heller
bullet Lowell D. Heller
bullet Warren Heller
bullet Lawrence A. Helmueller
bullet Robert W. Helvig
bullet Frances B. Hemans
bullet Vernon L. Hemner
bullet Robert S. Hempelman
bullet Wayne V. Hempelman
bullet Alice J. Hempleman
bullet David Hempleman
bullet Ray Henderson
bullet Roland A. Henderson
bullet Roy Henderson
bullet Roy A. Henderson
bullet Harvey Hendrickson
bullet Hensel Hendrickson
bullet Ingwald Hendrickson
bullet Jack M. Hendrickson
bullet James R. Hendrickson
bullet Jerome O. Hendrickson
bullet Norman Hendrickson
bullet Roy M. Hendrickson
bullet L. S. Henke
bullet Robert H. Henneman
bullet Rupert Henneman
bullet David E. Hennig
bullet Franklin W. Hennig
bullet K. W. Hennig
bullet L. R. Hennig
bullet LaVerne Henning
bullet Ronald W. Henning
bullet Virgil E. Henson
bullet Jack Herberg
bullet Donald Herges
bullet Dave Heron
bullet Raymond Heron
bullet Duane Herrick
bullet Amanda Herrmann
bullet Donald E. Hertzfeldt
bullet George Hess
bullet Stanley Hestekin
bullet Walter E. Hestekin
bullet Garen P. Heuer
bullet Harvey C. Heuer
bullet Rex Heuer
bullet Robert L. Heunisch
bullet Barton Hewitt
bullet Howard Hibbard
bullet Leslie M. Hibbard
bullet Philip E. Highum
bullet Eugene A. Higley
bullet James E. Higley
bullet Gilbert D. Hill
bullet Paul W. Hilliard
bullet David Hillman
bullet Donald J. Hillman
bullet Kenneth G. Hilten
bullet Arthur P. Hinterberg
bullet Leland G. Hintermeyer
bullet Lawrence L. Hinzman
bullet E. S. Hjortland
bullet Margaret A. Hoag
bullet James E. Hobart
bullet Robert C. Hobart
bullet James L. Hodges
bullet Armond A. Hoehn
bullet Douglas C. Hoehn
bullet Robert Hoehn
bullet Warren Hoehn
bullet Harold E. Hoepner
bullet Carmen Hoeppner
bullet John Hoeppner
bullet Wesley Hoeppner
bullet Willard C. Hoeppner
bullet Arnold G. Hoff
bullet Bryon Hoff
bullet Gilman Hoff
bullet Alvin T. Hoffman
bullet Neil G. Hoffman
bullet Reinhold R. Hoffman
bullet Richard Hoffman
bullet Walter H. Hoffman
bullet Westly Hoffman
bullet Frederik O. Hofland
bullet George F. Hoke
bullet Robert C. Holbeck
bullet Ralph L. Holbrook
bullet Charles H. Holden
bullet S. O. Holden
bullet Donald F. Holdorf
bullet John C. Holdorf
bullet Gordon V. Holm
bullet Kenneth H. Holm
bullet Warren M. Holm
bullet Gustav M. Holmen
bullet Douglas B. Holmes
bullet Duane E. Holmes
bullet Duttee Holmes
bullet Floyd E. Holmes
bullet Kenneth G. Holmes
bullet Russell R. Holmes
bullet Warren Holmes
bullet Gilbert A. Holmstoen
bullet Alvin A. Holstein
bullet Elizabeth Holt
bullet Gerhard N. Holte
bullet Nelmer H. Holte
bullet Russell J. Holten
bullet Edith M. Holter
bullet Eugene L. Holum
bullet Irving Holum
bullet Alfred A. Holzinger
bullet Carl W. Holzinger
bullet Thurmond M. Hong
bullet Eldred E. Hoover
bullet Farrell R. Hoover
bullet Glenn W. Hoover
bullet Lawrence L. Hoover
bullet Marion Hoover
bullet Russell W. Hoover
bullet Eugene F. Hopkins
bullet William H. Horel
bullet Giles H. Horton
bullet Horace R. Hotchkiss
bullet Ray Hotchkiss
bullet Warren Hotchkiss
bullet Wayne Hotchkiss
bullet Robert Hoton
bullet Donald Hotujec
bullet Truman House
bullet Arnold L. Hovey
bullet Arnold G. Hovind
bullet Eldon W. Hovind
bullet Marlyn E. Hovind
bullet Neil H. Hovind
bullet Robert J. Hovland
bullet James D. Howard
bullet James R. Howard
bullet Orien Howard
bullet Clifford Howe
bullet Doris Howe
bullet Warren P. Howie
bullet Allen J. Hoyt
bullet Donald Hoyt
bullet Norman Hoyt
bullet John Hryn
bullet Niewind E. Huber
bullet Stan L. Huber
bullet Ira H. Hudson
bullet Eddie Huff
bullet William J. Huff
bullet Zane R. Huff
bullet Owain J. Hughes, Jr
bullet Owain J. Hughes, Sr
bullet Raymond D. Hughes
bullet Richard H. Hughes
bullet Robert C. Hulback
bullet Adolph E. Hulberg
bullet Chester Hullberg
bullet Everett W. Humke
bullet Kenneth F. Hunt
bullet Robert D. Hunt
bullet William R. Hunter
bullet Eugene G. Huntsinger
bullet Joseph H. Hurd
bullet Edwin Hurlburt
bullet Eugene Hurley
bullet Earl E. Huse
bullet Emil B. Huse
bullet Leonard Husebe
bullet Albert O. Hutchison
bullet I
bullet Donald W. Ickstadt
bullet Leonard J. Ida
bullet Leonard J. Irwin
bullet Roy Irwin
bullet Eric E. Isaacson
bullet Harry N. Isaacson
bullet Kenneth Isaacson
bullet Beryl Isham
bullet Simon B. Ivers
bullet Donald W. Iverson
bullet Ervin Iverson
bullet Velma Iverson
bullet J
bullet Henry L. Jaastad
bullet Arden Jackley
bullet Louis Jackley
bullet Mary E. Jackley
bullet Paul Jackley
bullet Donald E. Jackson
bullet George W. Jackson
bullet Gerald Jackson
bullet Merlin E. Jackson
bullet Robert V. Jackson
bullet Warren Jackson
bullet Willard S. Jackson
bullet Clarence Jacobson
bullet Donald R. Jacobson
bullet Francis J. Jacobson
bullet Marcellus G. Jacobson
bullet Marvin I. Jacobson
bullet Terry P. Jacobson
bullet Vernon M. Jacobson
bullet Willard J. Jacobson
bullet William L. Jacobson
bullet Donald Jacot
bullet Walter F. James
bullet Gerald Janke
bullet Howard Janke
bullet Vernon C. Janke
bullet Edwin Jankowsky
bullet John Janssen
bullet Donald D. Jaquish
bullet Leslie E. Jaquish
bullet Everett E. Jarosh
bullet Robert B. Jarstad
bullet Floyd Jarvis
bullet Richard L. Jeatran
bullet Harold F. Jenenan
bullet Fred Jenkins
bullet Franklin A. Jensen
bullet Geraldine Jensen
bullet Harry S. Jensen
bullet James Jensen
bullet Lawrence R. Jensen
bullet Robert Jensen
bullet Westie Jensen
bullet William H. Jensen
bullet Glen Jenson
bullet Merlin S. Jermstad
bullet Allies C. Jerney
bullet Byron G. Jevne
bullet George C. Jevne
bullet Leonard R. Jevne
bullet Orville B. Jevne
bullet Alton F. Jochum
bullet Chester F. Joern
bullet John Johannes
bullet Alphonse W. Johnson
bullet Alton K. Johnson
bullet Armond R. Johnson
bullet Arnold Johnson
bullet Arnold D. Johnson
bullet Arthur W. Johnson
bullet A. W. Johnson
bullet Calmer C. Johnson
bullet Carl T. Johnson
bullet Clyde A. Johnson
bullet Clyde L. Johnson
bullet Curtis S. Johnson
bullet Donald C. Johnson
bullet Donald E. Johnson
bullet Donald H. Johnson
bullet Donald M. Johnson
bullet Donald N. Johnson
bullet Donald W. Johnson
bullet Duane Johnson
bullet Dutte Johnson
bullet D. W. Johnson
bullet Dwight R. Johnson
bullet Edward H. Johnson
bullet Elise Johnson
bullet Emil A. Johnson
bullet Ernie Johnson
bullet Ervin Johnson
bullet Ethel G. Johnson
bullet Eugene G. Johnson
bullet Eugene L. Johnson
bullet Fred R. Johnson
bullet Garland L. Johnson
bullet George A. Johnson
bullet George E. Johnson
bullet Gerald Johnson
bullet Glen S. Johnson
bullet Gordon E. Johnson
bullet Harold M. Johnson
bullet Harris Johnson
bullet Harvey A. Johnson
bullet Herbert R. Johnson
bullet Hilman Johnson
bullet Howard E. Johnson
bullet Irvin E. Johnson
bullet Jack S. Johnson
bullet James A. Johnson
bullet Jerome R. Johnson
bullet Joel Johnson
bullet Keith R. Johnson
bullet Kenneth L. Johnson
bullet Konrad Johnson
bullet Lawrence E. Johnson
bullet Lawrence G. Johnson
bullet Lawrence O. Johnson
bullet Lee A. Johnson
bullet Leonard Johnson
bullet Lewis F. Johnson
bullet Lloyd F. Johnson
bullet Lloyd O. Johnson
bullet Lorraine A. Johnson
bullet Lugien C. Johnson
bullet Milford L. Johnson
bullet Milton H. Johnson
bullet Milton R. Johnson
bullet Morris V. Johnson
bullet Mortimer C. Johnson
bullet Myron J. Johnson
bullet Neilan Johnson
bullet Norman L. Johnson
bullet Oliver Johnson
bullet Orlin Johnson
bullet Orville Johnson
bullet Orville A. Johnson
bullet Owen M. Johnson
bullet Paul C. Johnson
bullet Paul T. Johnson
bullet Percy J. Johnson
bullet Peter Johnson
bullet Raymond L. Johnson
bullet Reynold W. Johnson
bullet Richard G. Johnson
bullet Robert L. Johnson
bullet Robert R. Johnson
bullet Silas G. Johnson
bullet Thomas Johnson
bullet Thorwald E. Johnson
bullet Victor W. Johnson
bullet Wallace D. Johnson
bullet Wallace E. Johnson
bullet Wallace G. Johnson
bullet Wallace Gerald Johnson
bullet Warren Johnson
bullet Wilbert R. Johnson
bullet Willard C. Johnson
bullet Willard H. Johnson
bullet Willie Johnson
bullet Henry H. Johnston
bullet Ramon L. Johnston
bullet Henry J. Joles
bullet Isaac Joles
bullet William F. Joliffe
bullet Merton G. Jones
bullet Warden G. Jones
bullet William F. Jopke
bullet Arthur Jordan
bullet Bruce W. Jordan
bullet Charles C. Jordan
bullet Herman C. Jorgenson
bullet Wayne L. Jorgenson
bullet Robert M. Joseph
bullet Kenneth L. Juetten
bullet Ralph W. Jump
bullet Stanley D. Jump
bullet Gene E. June
bullet James E. June
bullet John A. June
bullet Arvin E. Jungerberg
bullet Arthur R. Jungwirth
bullet Fred A. Junkman
bullet Louis H. Justice
bullet K
bullet Arnold H. Kaatz
bullet Lillian Kaentz
bullet Archie Kain
bullet James C. Kain
bullet Albert L. Kaiser
bullet Charles R. Kappus
bullet Clarence E. Kappus
bullet Clyde E. Kappus
bullet Donald F. Kappus
bullet Robert E. Kappus
bullet Wilfred F. Kappus
bullet Donald J. Kasat
bullet Norman J. Kassera
bullet Leland F. Kassing
bullet Earl Kast
bullet John L. Kearney
bullet William F. Keegan
bullet Franklin O. Keifert
bullet Henry W. Keil
bullet Ervin Keilholz
bullet Louis E. Keilholz
bullet Archie C. Keller
bullet John J. Kelley
bullet Donald P. Kelly
bullet Neil J. Kemp
bullet Laurence A. Kennedy
bullet Robert D. Kennedy
bullet Alex A. Kent
bullet Earl L. Kent
bullet George Kent
bullet Gertrude O. Kent
bullet LaVerne R. Kent
bullet Maynard W. Kent
bullet Thomas R. Kent
bullet Ellsworth H. Kenyon
bullet Karl Kenyon 
bullet Vern Kenyon
bullet Allen Kerbell
bullet Francis D. Kern
bullet Keith Kern
bullet Russell G. Kern
bullet John P. Kernan
bullet Rodger J. Kernan
bullet Roger Kersten
bullet William Kersten
bullet Robert Kessler
bullet Winfred O. Ketchum
bullet Leonard A. Kewin
bullet Eugene J. Kiernan
bullet Francis E. Kiernan
bullet James Kiernan
bullet Paul Kiernan
bullet Donald J. Kierstead
bullet Bruce Kilboten
bullet Verne H. Kildahl
bullet Winifred J. Kildahl
bullet Clarence M. Kilde
bullet Henry J. Killinger
bullet John G. Kimpton
bullet Charles K. Kincaid
bullet Roy B. Kindschi
bullet George A. King
bullet Otto King
bullet Fred Kings
bullet Lynn Kingsley
bullet Edward L. Kinney
bullet Guendlyn Kins
bullet John Kins
bullet Myron A. Kinseth
bullet Raymond B. Kinseth
bullet John F. Kinsman
bullet Gilbert G. Kirchoff
bullet Lawrence W. Kirchhoff
bullet John N. Kirk
bullet Norbert F. Kirk
bullet William T. Kirscher
bullet Ralph D. Kischel
bullet Theodore Kittelsted
bullet Donald J. Kittilstad
bullet Jeanne M. Kittilstad
bullet Marion E. Kittilstad
bullet William E. Kittilstad
bullet Louis A. Kittlestad
bullet Eugene Kjerhan
bullet Adelbert V. Kjesbo
bullet Ray L. Kjesbo
bullet Gilbert K. Klaes
bullet Herbert Klapperich
bullet Norman Klapperich
bullet Robert D. Klatt
bullet Edward O. Klavetter
bullet Howard B. Klavetter
bullet Walter C. Klawiter
bullet Howard Kleiner
bullet James Kleiner
bullet Harold J. Kleist
bullet Bob Klemmer
bullet Arnold Klick
bullet Wilbur H. Klick
bullet Charles J. Kling
bullet Clarence J. Kling
bullet Melva B. Kling
bullet Roger L. Kling
bullet Mellord Klomsten
bullet Duane H. Klopp
bullet Norman G. Klopp
bullet Ernest Klossner
bullet Fred Klossner
bullet Herbert Klossner
bullet Herman Klossner
bullet Arthur Kluge
bullet Clarence Kluge
bullet Lloyd Klundby
bullet Donald B Knaack
bullet Kenneth P. Kneeland
bullet Marshall Kneeland
bullet Albert A. Kneer
bullet Joseph Kneer
bullet Mathias W. Kneer
bullet Thomas O. Kneer
bullet Joseph J. Knehr
bullet Chester T. Knight
bullet E. Lowell Knight
bullet Lowell Knight
bullet Ronald C. Knight
bullet Robert P. Knobel
bullet Arthur W. Knott
bullet Herbert E. Knowlton
bullet Hobart E. Knowlton
bullet Clinton T. Knox
bullet Charles Knudsen
bullet Ellsworth L. Knudson
bullet Milton A. Knudson
bullet Arnold J. Knudtson
bullet Ingwald Knudtson
bullet John Knudtson
bullet Joseph M. Knudtson
bullet LaVern C. Knudtson
bullet Milford Knudtson
bullet Arthur F. Knuth
bullet Edgar H. Knuth
bullet Andrew Knutson
bullet Charles R. Knutson
bullet Ernest I. Knutson
bullet Gilman D. Knutson
bullet LaVerne T. Knutson
bullet George F. Kochendorfer
bullet Dale E. Koger
bullet Donald B. Koger
bullet Ernest J. Koger
bullet Eugene Koger
bullet Laverne Kohlke
bullet Harvey Kohls
bullet Elmer A. Kohn
bullet Albert R. Kohnen
bullet Donald V. Kolar
bullet Eddie J. Kolden
bullet Glen T. Kolden
bullet Robert J. Koller
bullet Howard L. Kolstad
bullet Robert F. Kolstad
bullet Fred S. Kopp 
bullet George A. Kopp
bullet Merle W. Kopp
bullet Charles Kopplin
bullet Herman C. Kopplin
bullet Anton C. Korger
bullet Harold F. Korger
bullet William L. Korth
bullet Lawrence F. Kotecki
bullet Paul E. Kotke
bullet Kenneth C. Kottke
bullet William A. Kotz
bullet Thorvald A. Kragness
bullet Charles F. Krahn
bullet James E. Krahn
bullet Ray E. Krahn
bullet Myron F. Kramer
bullet Rudolph Kramer
bullet Dale E. Krammes
bullet Glenn L. Krammes
bullet E. W. Krause
bullet Floyd D. Krause
bullet Glenn R. Krause
bullet Robert W. Krause
bullet Joan E. Krausieder
bullet Dale Kregness
bullet Carl J. Krejci
bullet Bernadine A. Kremer
bullet John A. Kremer
bullet William J. Kremer
bullet Alex Krenz
bullet Carl E. Krenz
bullet Gaylord Krenz
bullet Gerhard G. Krenz
bullet Reinhard E. Krenz
bullet Vernon H. Krienke
bullet Clifford Kriese
bullet John L. Kries
bullet Ingvald O. Krigsvold
bullet Oscar Krigsvold
bullet Robert L. Krippner
bullet Richard Krogman
bullet Gerald Krohg
bullet Robert P. Kromrey
bullet Donald J. Kronenberg
bullet Harold J. J. Kronenberg
bullet Harvey Kronenberg
bullet Wayne J. Kronenberg
bullet Lloyd C. Kruger
bullet Marshall Kruger
bullet Aloys P. Krumenauer
bullet Casper C. Krumenauer
bullet Jacob W. Krumenauer
bullet Victor J. Krumenauer
bullet Everett L. Kruschke
bullet James A. Kruschke
bullet Marie E. Kruschke
bullet Paul T. Kruschke
bullet Arthur B. Kuberra
bullet David A. Kuehl
bullet Arthur Kuehn
bullet Ray Kuehn
bullet Sylvester H. Kuehn
bullet Walter Kuehn
bullet Joseph J. Kuehr
bullet Roger Kuhlman
bullet Melvin L. Kuhn
bullet George Kumferman
bullet Charles F. Kunz
bullet Robert C. Kunz
bullet Roy W. Kunz
bullet Sylvester H. Kunz
bullet Norma Kurth
bullet Lauren M. Kurtz
bullet Robert J. Kurtz
bullet Francis A. Kurz
bullet Bernard W. Kyes
bullet Jerry R. Kyle
bullet L
bullet Alice A. LaBerge
bullet Darold Laehn
bullet Derald J. Lahner
bullet Donald J. Lahner
bullet Jerome Lahner
bullet Verlin H. LaMay
bullet Russell H. Lambright
bullet Kenneth R. LaMoe
bullet Omar T. LaMoe
bullet Willard A. LaMoe
bullet Daryl Lamphere
bullet Kenneth L. Lamphere
bullet Charles E. Lampman
bullet Dale H. Lampman
bullet Howard D. LaMuska
bullet Roger E. LaMuska
bullet Ernest L. V. Lane
bullet Leonard L. Lane
bullet Erwin A. Lange
bullet John R. Lange
bullet William H. Lange
bullet Cletus Langille
bullet Archie L. Langworthy
bullet Daryl Lanphere
bullet Kenneth Lanphere
bullet Andrew LaPlaca
bullet Jesse S. Lardahl
bullet Alton F. Larsen
bullet Victor E. Larsen
bullet Aleron H. Larson
bullet Alvin N. Larson
bullet Anton Larson
bullet Burton C. Larson
bullet Charles B. Larson
bullet Donald G. Larson
bullet Donald M. Larson
bullet Donald V. Larson
bullet Dorothy M. Larson
bullet Everett O. Larson
bullet Everett W. Larson
bullet Gerome L. J. Larson
bullet Gordon E. Larson
bullet Guy B. Larson
bullet Harold W. Larson
bullet James S. Larson
bullet John Larson
bullet Laurel E. Larson
bullet Lawrence E. Larson
bullet Lawrence H. Larson
bullet Lester H. Larson
bullet Lester V. Larson
bullet Lyle T. Larson
bullet Margaret Larson
bullet Marshall A. Larson
bullet Merlin J. Larson
bullet Milton F. Larson
bullet Ralph J. Larson
bullet Robert L. Larson
bullet Roderick Larson
bullet Ronald Larson
bullet Roy M. Larson
bullet Russell Larson
bullet Russell V. Larson
bullet Russell W. Larson
bullet Victor Larson
bullet Willard E. Larson
bullet Willard S. Larson
bullet H. Richard Lasker
bullet Robert M. Lasker
bullet Marshall G. Lassek
bullet A. J. Lawrence
bullet Donald L. Lawrence
bullet Francis R. Lawrence
bullet Marvin J. Lawrence
bullet Merwin Lawrence
bullet Stanley C. Lawrence
bullet Jeannette O. Leahy
bullet Warren Leary
bullet Charlotte Leavesseur
bullet Earl L. LeDuce
bullet Arthur Lee
bullet Arthur L. Lee
bullet Charles W. Lee
bullet Clark W. Lee
bullet Don Lee
bullet Gerald S. Lee
bullet Glenn C. Lee
bullet Harold F. Lee
bullet Harold O. Lee
bullet Howard E. Lee
bullet Hugh L. Lee
bullet Julius G. Lee
bullet Lester Lee
bullet Lloyd S. Lee
bullet Milton L. Lee
bullet Raymond C. Lee
bullet Robert E. Lee
bullet Robert M. Lee
bullet Thomas O. Lee
bullet Wallace R. Lee
bullet Walter R. Lee
bullet William H. Lee
bullet Oliver L. Leer
bullet Donald L. LeGare
bullet Donald E. Legge
bullet Robert Legler
bullet John S. Lehman
bullet Thomas Lehman
bullet Carl Lehrer
bullet Lawrence A. Leibold
bullet Glen Leinum
bullet Clare W. Leipnitz
bullet Willard A. Leipnitz
bullet Donald J. Leland
bullet Jerome J. Leland
bullet Robert S. Leland
bullet Vernon J. Leland
bullet Earl T. Lenfesty
bullet Edward A. Lenfesty
bullet Thomas Lenfesty
bullet Arlene Krohg Lenmark
bullet Jacques E. Lenmark
bullet LeRoy G. Lennie
bullet LaVerne Leque
bullet Tilman Leque
bullet Robert M. H. Lester
bullet Woodrow LeTendre
bullet Ronald L. Levi
bullet George Lewis
bullet Ione Lewis
bullet Richard J. Lewis, Jr
bullet Richard J. Lewis, Sr
bullet Robert L. Lewis
bullet Steve Lichene
bullet Anton J. Liedl
bullet Carl L. Liedl
bullet Francis Liedl
bullet Herman B. Liedl
bullet Arthur J. Lien
bullet Floyd L. Lien
bullet Alice Lieske
bullet Anna L. Lieske
bullet Andrew Lightfoot
bullet Gale N. Lightfoot
bullet Donald J. Lighthizer
bullet Dorman B. Lighthizer
bullet Jack Lighthizer
bullet Colonel E. Linderholm
bullet G. Otis Linderman
bullet Allen Lindgren
bullet Clarence T. Lindo
bullet Henry Lindo
bullet Carl Lininger
bullet George Lininger
bullet Homer B. Lininger
bullet Eugene J. Link
bullet Ernest Linse
bullet Otto E. Linse
bullet H. L. Linton
bullet Raymond C. Lipke
bullet Stanley Lis
bullet Erwin W. Lissack
bullet Donald D. Litchfield
bullet Thomas R. Litchfield
bullet Gertrude Littleton
bullet Arthur Lium
bullet George Lium
bullet Robert L. Lium
bullet Lawrence R. Livermore
bullet Donald T. Livingston
bullet Jay D. Lockerby
bullet Vernon W. Loeffler
bullet Chuck Loehnis
bullet Raymond W. Loehnis
bullet Roy W. Loehnis
bullet Louis E. Lohfink
bullet Robert E. Loiselle
bullet Burton D. Loken
bullet Byron J. Loken
bullet David L. Loken
bullet Stanley Loken
bullet Arnold H. Lokken
bullet Lawrence Lokken
bullet Lawrence Lokken
bullet Lawrence E. Lokken
bullet Rodger Lokken
bullet Cecil G. Long
bullet Eldyn Long
bullet Merlin D. Long
bullet Robert J. Long
bullet Donald Loomis
bullet LaVere D. Loomis
bullet Willis M. Lorch
bullet Clifford Lovlien
bullet Harold A. Lovvik
bullet Archie J. Lowman
bullet Harvey E. Lowman
bullet Matthew W. Lowman
bullet Donovan A. Lowry
bullet Howard J. Lowry
bullet Leonard A. Lubinski
bullet Ida M. Lucia
bullet Arthur Ludvigson
bullet Charles A. Ludwikoski
bullet Edward Ludwikoski
bullet John G. Ludwikoski
bullet John P. Ludwikoski
bullet Paul C. Ludwikoski
bullet Richard H. Ludwikoski
bullet Dennis E. Luer
bullet Levi L. Luer
bullet Arlyn L. Lulloff
bullet Donald F. Lund
bullet Donna Lund
bullet Edward S. Lund
bullet Jeanne E. Lund
bullet Richard M. Lund
bullet Thomas A. Lund
bullet Harold A. Lundell
bullet John H. Lunderville
bullet Dale R. Lunke
bullet Harland L. Luren
bullet Harry W. Lusk
bullet Curtis Lynch
bullet Dale Lynch
bullet Grant J. Lynch
bullet Allan R. Lynnes
bullet David P. Lyons
bullet Norman M. Lyons
bullet M
bullet Robert W. Macauley
bullet James Machlett
bullet Melvin Mackey
bullet William G. Mackove
bullet William E. MacLachlan
bullet Alex MacLaughlin
bullet James MacRae
bullet Earl H. Madsen
bullet Arthur J. Maenner
bullet George Mahlum
bullet Elias J. Mahoney
bullet Wilburt J. Mahoney
bullet Waldemar C. Mai
bullet Thelma A. P. Maian
bullet Darell L. Maier
bullet Denver T. Maier
bullet Linus L. Maier
bullet Royce J. Maier
bullet Irvin W. Mallum
bullet James B. Manning
bullet Ervin E. Manthei
bullet Valentine Manthei
bullet Clarence M. Marcellis
bullet Martin M. Marcellis
bullet Henry Marcott
bullet Thomas H. Marcott
bullet Clifford Marek
bullet George Marick
bullet Robert R. Marine
bullet Edward Marinko
bullet Myron Markeson
bullet Philip L. Market
bullet Robert D. Market
bullet Orville Marquardt
bullet Dick E. Mars
bullet George Mars
bullet Laurel Marsh
bullet Keith Marshall
bullet Raymond Martenson
bullet Ardell M. Martin
bullet Frederick Martin
bullet Harold H. Martin
bullet James W. Martin
bullet Leonard G. Martin
bullet LeRoy A. Martin
bullet Lyle S. Martin
bullet Reinhardt Martin
bullet Vernon Martin
bullet Willis Martin
bullet Gordon E. Martinson
bullet Philip Martinson
bullet Reinhart H. Martinson
bullet Henry G. Marum
bullet Richard Marx
bullet Wilbur N. Marx
bullet Harriet M. Mason
bullet Albert Mass
bullet Lawrence Mass
bullet Carolyn Matchey
bullet Ladislaus Matchey
bullet Allen W. Mathews
bullet Vernon J. Mathews
bullet Delos H. Mathisen
bullet Lee Z. Mathison
bullet Vernon M. Mathison
bullet Ed Mathwig
bullet Harley R. Matthews
bullet Arlo Mattice
bullet Gordon L. Mattice
bullet John A. Mattice
bullet Charles Mattison
bullet Owen D. Mattison
bullet Robert Mattison
bullet Roger C. Mattison
bullet Phyllis Mattson
bullet Reginald Mattson
bullet Robert R. Mattson
bullet Clayton C. Matz
bullet Frank S. Matz
bullet Harold Matz
bullet Albert J. Maule
bullet Donald L. May
bullet Merle A. May
bullet Riley May
bullet Martin A. G. Mayer
bullet Kenneth E. Mayer
bullet Hector T. Mayheu
bullet Bob D. Maynard
bullet Thomas P. McAuley
bullet Don E. McBride
bullet Alfred O. McCann
bullet Clarence McCann
bullet Millard C. McCann
bullet Norman E. McClaflin
bullet Jack McCombs
bullet Roger McCombs
bullet William H. McCombs
bullet Fayette S. McCormick
bullet Donald McCoy
bullet Donald H. McCrackin
bullet Carl McCuen
bullet Walter R. McCuen
bullet Dorothy M. McDermid
bullet Donald G. McDonel
bullet Charles E. McElroy
bullet Thomas J. McElroy
bullet Robert McElwain
bullet Melvin McElwaine
bullet Orville D. McElwaine
bullet Everett A. McFarlane
bullet Raymond A. McFarlane
bullet Glenn McFaul
bullet Marshall McFaul
bullet Ruben McFaul
bullet Leon V. McGaver
bullet Galen K. McGinnis
bullet Margery J. McGruer
bullet Albert J. McHaffie
bullet Daniel F. McHugh
bullet Frederick C. McIntyre
bullet Gerald A. McKearn
bullet Joseph McKearn
bullet Wanda McKeeth
bullet Joseph C. McKinnon
bullet James McLaughlin
bullet Arthur W. McLeod
bullet Kenneth L. McLeod
bullet Arthur F. McMahon
bullet Chester McMahon
bullet Gerald D. McMahon
bullet Richard E. McMahon
bullet Robert McMahon
bullet Robert F. McMahon
bullet Thomas F. McManamy
bullet George McManus
bullet Clarence C. McMillan
bullet Glenn J. McMillen
bullet Edward I. McNair
bullet Lyle A. McNair
bullet Virginia McNaughton
bullet Carl McPhee
bullet Eugene McPhee
bullet Harold McRae
bullet John McRae
bullet Elwood B. McRoberts
bullet J. Leonard McRoberts
bullet Leona McSorley
bullet Raymond F. McSorley
bullet William D. McSorley
bullet Donald J. Meade
bullet James W. Meade
bullet Robert Mebyck
bullet Blanche E. Meier
bullet William R. Meier
bullet Donald F. Meindel
bullet Lavern H. Meindel
bullet Roger W. Meinholz
bullet Harry Meklin
bullet Ingvald Melgaard
bullet James A. Melhus
bullet Emil Melland
bullet Garth E. Melville
bullet Kenneth W. Melville
bullet Tobias G. Melville
bullet Walter T. Melville
bullet Betty L. Menge
bullet E. D. Merrill
bullet Kenneth E. Merrill
bullet Thomas P. Merrill
bullet Patricia Mertes
bullet Robert J. Mertes
bullet Donald Mertinke
bullet Donald L. Mesang
bullet Robert C. Mesang
bullet Lovell J. Meservey
bullet Albert C. Meyer
bullet Carl S. Meyer
bullet Dennis F. Meyer
bullet Henry J. Meyer
bullet Robert K. Meyer
bullet Roland A. Meyer
bullet Earl G. Meyers
bullet Herbert J. Meyers
bullet Howard A. Meyers
bullet Reginald W. Meyers
bullet Leslie E. Michaud
bullet Edwin O. Michealson
bullet Everett A. Michelbook
bullet Clarence Michels
bullet Conrad Michels
bullet Henry A. Michels
bullet Thomas P. Michels
bullet Aaron E. Mickelson

Alden A. Mickelson

bullet Carl E. Mickelson
bullet David S. Mickelson
bullet James Mickelson
bullet Leon J. Mickiewicz
bullet John L. Middlekauff
bullet George J. Mikesell
bullet Kenneth Mikesell
bullet Marshall Mikesell
bullet Lawrence H. Miles
bullet John R. Miley
bullet Margaret Miley
bullet Alice A. Miller
bullet Arthur J. Miller
bullet Bernard L. Miller
bullet David D. Miller
bullet Donald Miller
bullet Earl D. Miller
bullet Edward J. Miller
bullet Edward L. Miller
bullet Eugene C. Miller
bullet Frank J. Miller
bullet Frederick Miller
bullet George H. Miller
bullet Gordon Miller
bullet Gordon L. Miller
bullet Irvin J. Miller
bullet LaVerne O. Miller
bullet LeRoy Miller
bullet Lloyd Miller
bullet Lloyd M. Miller
bullet Lyman D. Miller
bullet Norman Miller
bullet Pearl E. Miller
bullet Peter J. Miller
bullet Ralph Miller
bullet Raymond E. Miller
bullet Robert Miller
bullet Robert A. Miller
bullet Roger H. Miller
bullet Russell F. Miller
bullet Walter Miller