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During World War II, Staff Sergeant Kronenberg flew 41 combat missions in the European Theatre of Operations as a ball turret gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress. His first 21 missions were flown from North Africa and Italy. In March of 1944, Kronenberg was transferred to the Eighth Air Force in England, where he completed his tour of duty by flying 20 more missions. His last mission was flown on June 5, 1944, the day before the Normandy Invasion.

Diz Kronenberg's other accomplishments include teaching 9th grade social studies for 36 years, being a professional baseball catcher, winning five national paddleball/racquetball championships, being the golf professional at Eau Claire's Hillcrest Golf and Country Club for three years, and coaching Dick Fisher, a blind golfer from Merrillan, Wisconsin.

Today, Diz lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with his wife Marjorie. He continues to be an avid golfer, hunter, racquetball player, amateur historian, and fisherman. He is still teaching--working with junior golfers during the summer months and assisting high school golf coaches during the school year.

Diz's other works include: Honor & Remembrance: The Military Heritage of the Chippewa Valley (1993), River City Sports: Seasons to Remember, and An Airman's G.I. Journey (1999).  He also contributed to The 390th Bomb Group Anthology (1985).  



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