Beyond the Scrapbook  
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Informational Contributions
Contribute by sending information on now-posted WW II vets or  information on veterans who we have not yet discovered

We would be happy to add any information to any of the pages. Remember, the web pages are limitless. The more we can share and remember the better.  

If there are errors, please also notify us so that corrections can be made. There are also many articles with [**data missing**]. Can you help us fill in the blanks?

Just get us the information and we will be happy to post it.

E'mail us Send U. S. Mail Drop at Memorial  We can pick it up

Julie Lowy
Gloria Froehle

Memorial High School, 
2225 Keith Street, 
Eau Claire, WI 54701 
 c/o WW II
Leave any information by the school secretary inside door Number 4. Let us know when and where, and we will come to get it, process it, and return it to your door.

Photos are a nice personal touch. If you do not have access to a scanner, you may take pictures to Kinkos and have them scan and e'mail us items. Digital camera shots of memorabilia also work well.

We will return information as requested. 
We can almost promise a 24-hour turn around.