Chronology of War


December 7
Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japanese aircraft.
December 11
Italy and Germany declare war on the USA. In return, U.S. declares war on Italy and Germany
December 24
Japanese capture Wake Island


February 22
General MacArthur is appointed Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces, Australia. He is ordered to leave the Philippines
June 4-7
Battle of Midway--the decisive battle of the Pacific War
July 24
United States and United Kingdom reach agreement on invasion of North Africa
August 17 
First mission is flown by US 8th Air Force bombers over Europe
October 14
Air, land, and sea bombardment of Henderson Field, Guadacanal
November 8 
Invasion of Africa begins (Operation Torch) with landings at Algiers, Oran and Casablanca
November 12
First naval battle at Guadacanal


January 4
Japanese begins to evacuate Guadacanal
January 27
United States 8th Air Force makes first bombing attack on Germany. Target: Wilhelmshaven
May 12
General von Arnim surrenders with most of Axis forces in North Africa
June 25
Allies bombing targets in Sicily
August 17
All German resistance in Sicily ends
September 8 
Eisenhower announces surrender of Italian forces. Germany continues to fight in Italy
September 24
United States Fifth Army begins advance up Italy


January 16
Eisenhower is appointed Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces
January 22
Allies land at Anzio in attempt to outflank the Gustav Line
February 15
Massive air and artillery bombardment destroys Abbey at Casino but fails to dislodge the German defenders
April 24
US War Department states that the Japanese homeland must be invaded
May 9
USAF and RAF begins bombing French airfields in preparation for D-Day invasion
June 4
General Mark Clark and the US Fifth Army enter Rome
June 6
D-Day invasion (Operation Overlord) Allies land forces on
the French Coast
June 13
First V1 flying bombs are launched against England
June 19
Battle of the Philippine Sea; Marianas "Turkey Shoot," 250 Japanese aircraft destroyed
June 21
One thousand American bombers attack Berlin
July 20
Attempted plot to assassinate Hitler fails
August 25
General Leclerc's army liberates Paris
September 12
US First Army crosses border and heads into Germany
October 20
US forces land on Leyte Island to start the Philippines campaign
November 7
Roosevelt is elected for a fourth term
November 11
US Navy begins bombardment of Iwo Jima
November 24
American B-29s bomb Tokyo
December 16
Battle of the Bulge


January 28
Germans lose 120,000 dead, wounded and POWs in Battle of the Bulge. US losses: 8,607 dead, 47,139 wounded, and 21,144 missing
February 19
US Marines land on Iwo Jima
March 7
Us First Army crosses Remagen Bridge over the Rhine
April 1
US Tenth Army lands on Okinawa
April 12
President Roosevelt dies and Truman becomes President
April 30
Hitler commits suicide. Kamikaze attacks wreak havoc off Okinawa
May 2 
Red Army occupies Berlin. All German forces surrender in Italy
May 8
VE-Day (Victory in Europe). End of War in Europe.
August 6
Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
September 2   
Japanese signed the surrender terms on the Battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay, ending the war.