Clayton Howard Aldrich

Clayton H. Aldrich, 334 Bolles Street, Eau Claire; Oscar J. Heike, Mondovi; Francis A. Kurz, Ladysmith; Junior J. Schultz, Nelson; Donald J. Taylor, Medford, enlisted in the Navy at the Milwaukee recruiting station last week.

Schuyler Humphrey Van Gordon, Sr., 25, of 120 Tenth Avenue, and Clayton Howard Aldrich, 18, 334 Bolles Street, are receiving their initial Naval indoctrination training at Great Lakes, IL. Also there are Walter John Rowe, 18, 607 Thirteenth Avenue, and William Charles Smith, 18, 1320 Ninth Street, Menomonie.

Clayton Howard Aldrich, 18, of 334 Bolles Street, and James H. Warden, 26, of 1115 Sixth Avenue, have been graduated from the Basic Engineering School at Great Lakes, IL. They were selected for this specialized training on the basis of their recruit training aptitude test scores. They now receive further training or are sent to sea.