James Alt

Marine, AWOL Admits Stealing $53 at College
James Alt, United States Marine Corps, 1503 Rust Street, was turned over to military police by the local police department and taken to the Milwaukee Depot, after he admitted being AWOL from his camp and that he had stolen a total of $53.50 from various aviation students of the 301st College Training Detachment here.

Captain W. Rodenberg reported to police last week that $17.50 was taken from a billfold belonging to Aviation Student Stevens on January 11, while he was sleeping; $8 was stolen from Aviation Student Sykas, and $9 from Aviation Student Sones, and a billfold containing $9 from Aviation Student Rocke on January 12. On January 13, trousers belonging to Aviation Student Sones disappeared. The trousers were found the next morning outside of the building. The same night, in another building, Aviation Student Kagan had $10 taken.

Alt later confessed to taking the money from each of the aviation students. Police found forged furlough papers on the youth at the time of the arrest. He said he had been AWOL from his base since January1.