Carol M. Anderson

Inducted into the WAACs on Flag Day  
The oath of allegiance to the WAACs was administered by Lieutenant Roberta Dent to seven girls at the Flag Day ceremonies in the Chippewa Fairgrounds, Sunday. Taking the oath from Lieutenant Dent (right) are (left to right) Millicent Badman, Carol Anderson, Delores Erickson, Marjorie Boyd, Elizabeth English; Gladys Grinsel. Candidate not pictured is Grace Anderson.  

Women Recruits Choose Training in Army Air Force  

Lieutenant Dorothy Laurie Grimm of the WAC Recruiting Office, 509 Union National Bank in Eau Claire, said today that the United States Army Air Force is the branch of the Army most popular with women now joining the Women’s Army Corps. Even though it is possible for women serving with the Army Ground and Service Forces to choose the Army post in the Sixth Service Command in which to work, they still prefer to take their chances on a station and have the thrill of working at an air base.  Being an Air WAC does not allow a woman to choose her station, but she may be recommended for a certain job and prove herself capable of holding that job. The qualifications necessary to become an Air WAC are no different than for any other branch of the Army.

It has recently been announced that WACs assigned to the Army Air Forces will get the same technical training as men. Women chosen for the courses will go to Chanute Field, IL or Lowry Field, CO. Women must be recommended by their station commanding officers. This recommendation will be based upon experience, previous training, demonstrated ability, and tests.

Praise from Major Giles
Major General Giles, Chief-of-Air Staff, U.S. Army, has this to say about Air WACs: “A recent trip to air fields throughout the country brought home to me very forcibly a fact that has become increasingly apparent in recent months—that members of the Women’s Army Corps assigned to the Army Air Forces are an essential part of the Army Air Forces team. I saw Air WACs working on the line, Air WACs living and learning and doing a job just like other good soldiers in the Army Air Forces. I saw them wearing the uniform of their country, conducting themselves according to oldest and proudest traditions, customs, and courtesies of the service; taking their places beside their brothers to help keep the planes of the United States Army Air Forces flying and fighting. I believe I express the feeling of the officers and men of the Army Air Forces when I say to every Air WAC, ‘We are glad you are helping us! Keep up the good job you have begun!’”

Air WACs from Eau Claire
Air WACs from Eau Claire include First Lieutenant Vivian Bragg Mark, who is serving on the staff of the Second Air Force in Colorado Springs, CO; Private First Class Carol Anderson, who is librarian at the air base in Sioux City, IA; Private First Class Myra Betz, stationed with the WAC Detachment, Gulfport, MS; Sergeant Nina Slaughter, a former teacher in Eau Claire, who is serving with the GAAF, Greenville, MS; Corporal Margaret Anderson, who is a radio tower operator at the air field at Pecos, TX; Private First Class Stella Moss, who is a clerk-typist at the Carlsbad, NM Army Air Base; Private Irene Schacht, who has recently been assigned to the Army Air Field at Merced, CA; Sergeant Florence Severson, who is an instructress in radio mechanics at Sioux Falls, SD; Corporal Mildred Snyder, who is an Air WAC stationed at Charleston, SC; and Corporal Margaret Thompson, who is working to be an air inspector, which is something new for WACs. She is located at Minter Field, Bakersfield, CA.  

Librarian in WAC
Private First Class Carol M. Anderson recently spent her furlough with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Anderson, Chippewa Falls, Route 1.

Private First Class Anderson entered the service on June 30, 1943 and took her basic training at Fort Des Moines, IA. She is now stationed at the Sioux City Air Base. She is in the Special Service as a librarian. While here, she also visited with her grandmother, Mrs. Otto A. Johnson, Eddy Street, and other relatives and friends in Eau Claire.