Clayton Anderson

Sergeant Clayton Anderson, on leave of absence from the YMCA here, broadcast last Friday over KROW, Oakland, CA on physical education in the Army. Sergeant Anderson is, at present, stationed in San Francisco in the Physical Training Section of the Fourth Air Force.

Eau Claire Men at AAU Meet

Pictured above from left to right are Sergeant Clayton Anderson, Fourth Air Force; ex-Marine Sergeant Barney Ross, former world's welterweight champion and hero of Guadalcanal; Private First Class Robert Tomashek, Fourth Air Force; and Lieutenant John Mead, Fourth Air Force physical training instructor.

This picture was taken during the Far Western AAU Swimming and Diving Championships, which took place in San Francisco July 2, 3, and 4, at Fleishacker's Swimming Pool, the largest outdoor pool in the world.

The meet was under the auspices of the San Francisco Examiner and featured many world famous guests, among whom were Jack Dempsey, former heavyweight title holder; Bill Smith, the world's greatest swimmer; Johnny Weissmuller, "Tarzan" of the films and one of the world's best swimmers; and Barney Ross, former world's welter champion. Barney Ross, who no longer wears the uniform of the United States Marine Corps, was discharged from the service because of wounds suffered on Guadalcanal, where his heroic, one-man stand against the Japs won him the title of the Fightingest Marine.

Sergeant Clayton Anderson, Eau Claire YMCA physical director and Boys' Work Secretary, on leave of absence, and Private First Class Robert Tomashek, coach of St. Pat's and Rice Lake High Schools, before entering the service, gave a log-rolling exhibition on each day of this huge aquatic show. They took part in the demonstration of rubber life rafts, together with Private Wayne Haanstad, who is also from Eau Claire. These three men are all working in the physical training section of the Fourth Air Force and are stationed in San Francisco.

Many top-notch swimming and diving stars participated in this event, among whom were Ann Curtis, Joyce Macrae Duke, Vicky Taylor Manalo, and Lieutenant Paul Herron, and many American and far western records were broken.

The meet drew close to 15,000 fans, during the three days, and admission was gained by War Bond purchase only.

Sergeant and Mrs. Clayton Anderson have returned to San Francisco, after a short visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Anderson, 605 Gray Street, and Mrs. Chris Pederson, 404 Vine Street. Sergeant Anderson is stationed in the Physical Education Section of the Fourth Air Force in San Francisco.

Private First Class Wayne D. Haanstad, son of Alfred and Alma Haanstad, 817 Second Avenue, has been presented with the Army Good Conduct Medal at 4th Air Force Headquarters, San Francisco, CA. This medal is awarded for "exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity." Fourth Air Force Headquarters also announced an award of the Good Conduct Medal to Sergeant Clayton R. Anderson, son of Hilda Anderson and husband of Dorothy Anderson, both of 605 Gray Street.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Clayton was a popular physical director of the local YMCA for many years. He was a good athlete, in such sports as, log rolling, handball, and volleyball.