Doris J. Anderson

SWEETWATER, TX--The 16th class of Women's Airforce Service Pilots (44-W-8) graduated from the Army Air Forces Training Command's unique school for women flyers at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas on October 9 into brief active duty assignments with the Army Air Forces. The WASP, as directed by General H. H. Arnold, Chief of the Army Air Forces, will be inactivated December 20 but, until that time, the women pilots will continue with present jobs.

A member of the current WASP class from this state is Doris J. Anderson, daughter of Arthur A. Anderson of 720 Talmadge Street, Eau Claire.

Miss Anderson is a graduate of Eau Claire High School. For the last three years, she worked in the personnel office of Vega Aircraft's Burbank, CA plant. She got her first plane ride in Eau Claire about 1935.

In reference to his directive that the WASPs be retired to home life, General Arnold has sent the following letter to each member of the WASP:

"I am very proud of you young women and the outstanding job you have done as members of the Air Forces team. When we needed you, you came through and have served most commendably under difficult circumstances.

"The WASP became part of the Air Forces because we had to explore the nation's total manpower resources and in order to release male pilots for other duties. Their very successful record of accomplishment has proved that, in any future total effort, the nation can count on thousands of its young women to fly any of its aircraft.

"I want you to know that I appreciate your war service and that the Army Air Forces will miss you... My sincerest thanks and happy landings always."