Kenneth K. Anderson

Outstanding Flight Instructor

NAVAL AID STATION, New Orleans--Kenneth K. Anderson of Eau Claire, recently promoted from Lieutenant (junior grade) to Lieutenant in the Naval Air Force, is among the outstanding staff flight instructors at the Navy's school for primary flight instructors here.

Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivar Anderson of Eau Claire, has been on the staff of the unique flight instructor school since March. Recently, he was commended by the commanding officer as "an outstanding instructor."

Lieutenant Anderson is a graduate of Shattuck Military Academy and attended the University of Minnesota and the Eau Claire Teachers College.

The instructor started his flying career in 1929. He entered the Naval service in October 1943 for training as a Naval aviator. He is a member of the Elks Club of Eau Claire and Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity.

His wife makes her home at 1022 Omaha Street, Eau Claire, WI.