Robert A. Anderson

Aviation Cadet Robert A. Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Endre Anderson, Route 4, has reported to Door Field, Arcadia, FL, where he will receive one phase of his pilot training, leading to receiving his wings. Also at Door Field is Aviation Cadet Johnson, son of Erick Johnson, Eau Claire.

Two youths from Eau Claire, WI have reported to the Army Air Forces Pre-Flight School for pilots at Maxwell Field, AL to begin the third phase of their training as pilots in the U.S. Army Air Forces' expanding program.

They are Aviation Cadets Robert A. Anderson, son of Mrs. Mary Anderson, Route 4, and Wallace G. Johnson, son of Mr. Erick Johnson, 1025 Second Avenue.

Two residents of Eau Claire have completed pre-flight and primary training and are now assigned to the Bainbridge Army Air Field, GA, as aviation cadets. They completed their pre-flight training at Maxwell Field, AL and primary training at one of the many fields throughout the Southeast. Cadet Robert A. Anderson, son of Mrs. Mary Anderson, Route 4, attended Eau Claire High School in 1936 and worked as a milling machine operator before enlisting in the Air Forces on February 28, 1943.

Gerald Johnson, son of Erick Johnson, 1025 Second Avenue, entered the Armored Command in 1942 and transferred to aviation cadet training in 1943.

Corporal Anton Anderson, son of Mrs. Mary Anderson, Route 4, is now fighting in Germany, according to word received by his wife.

With an ordnance division, he took part in the campaigns of North Africa, Italy, and France, before going to Germany.

He entered the service on November 30, 1942 and received his training at Camp Wolters, Texas and in Pennsylvania.

Three brothers are in the service: Flight Officer Robert Anderson, stationed in Georgia; Seaman First Class William Anderson, serving in the South Pacific; and Private First Class Chris Anderson, stationed in Kansas. A fourth brother, Jack, was recently honorably discharged.