Henry B. Andrew

Aerial Gunner
Private First Class Henry B. Andrew, son of Mrs. Margaret Nelson of 615 Gilbert Street, Eau Claire, WI was graduated last week from the Army Air Forces Flexible Gunnery School, Laredo Army Air Field, Laredo, Texas, a member of the Army Air Forces Training Command.

He is now qualified to take his place as a member of a bomber combat crew.

Along with his diploma, he received a pair of aerial gunner's silver wings and a promotion in grade, at brief graduation exercises, held here.

He was prepared for his place in America's stepped-up air offensive by a comprehensive six-week course in every phase of aerial gunnery warfare. Besides learning to fire every type weapon from camera guns to the deadly caliber .50 Brownings, he studied turret manipulation, aircraft identification, and stripping and reassembling of machine guns, while blindfolded. He climaxed the course by air firing on towed targets.