Clinton Atteridge

In what far-off places our soldiers are making themselves at home these days and even having fun! A former Eau Claire man, Technical Sergeant Clinton Atteridge, appears in a picture of a championship volleyball team in Greenland, published in the February 4 Issue of Yank, the Army weekly, on its page, Sports Camera Goes on World Tour.

The caption states, "GI volleyball is something new in Greenland, where all the natives are potential Sonja Henies and Torger Tokles."

Sergeant Atteridge, who recently won his promotion from Staff Sergeant to Technical Sergeant, is the son of Mrs. Mildred Atteridge, 502 Second Street. He enlisted in the Army in 1938. He has been stationed in Greenland for nearly two years. He attended the Eau Claire High School, where he took part in sports.