Stanley J. Ayres

Technical Sergeant Stanley J. Ayres has arrived safely in the Aleutians, after spending a few weeks in special training at Fort Richardson, Alaska.

Just previous to this, he had spent a 14-day furlough with his family and friend, after being in the Aleutians about 18 months.

Technical Sergeant Ayres is the son of Mrs. Minnie Ayres of Caryville.

Additional Information Submitted by Audree Ayres, Eau Claire

3.jpg (49042 bytes)Wednesday evening, January 10, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Bradford entertained the following at their new home in honor of Private First Class Floyd Norrish, Rock Falls, and Staff Sergeant George Day, United States Marine Corps Reserve, who have been spending a leave at home: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Norrish, Edna Stever, Rock Falls; Arlis Evert, Arland Larson, Willard Turner, Irene Engewold, Jean McFarlane, and Edith Slifer. Mrs. Bradford served a midnight lunch. Indoor pictures were taken to be sent to another member of the "gang," Technical Sergeant Stanley Ayres, who is stationed in the Aleutian Islands (1945).

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Technical Sergeant Stanley J. Ayres was recently discharged from Camp McCoy after serving three and one half years in the Armed Forces. He has been stationed in the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. His mother, Mrs. William Ayres, resides at Caryville.

The following attended a family reunion at the Wayne Ayres home on Sunday in honor of Stanley Ayres who is home from overseas and has received his discharge from the Army: Mrs. Minnie Ayres of Caryville, the Glenn Day and Wm. Ayres families of Eau Claire, the Frank Wiseman family of Prairie Farm, the Chester Wheeler family of Nelson, and Cyrus Ayres of Agate, CO.

airwatch_fr.jpg (103334 bytes)  airwatch_bk.jpg (118397 bytes) Stan and Audree joined the sky watch program after the war. Two people stood on the roof of the Old Eau Claire Hotel and watched for enemy planes! A two hour watch for 2 people - day and night

Stanley J. Ayres, son of Mrs. Minnie Ayres, Rock Falls, has been promoted to corporal at Camp Murphy FL, where he is in the Radio Division of the Army Signal Corps. Stanley entered the Service June 13 of this year.

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Signal Christmas Party 1944
May 1945
Paths were dug out of the snow to get from one building to another P.S. They were "Huts" and buildings Stan exiting his (Quonset hut) barracks Russian Cemetery 
Jan 1945

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These items came from an abandoned Japanese base on the island of Kiska in the Aleutian. It had been captured by the Japanese and later abandoned. They had built underground tunnels for their living quarters. It is amazing to see the perfect condition of the postcard.

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After FDR died, a memorial service was held for him on one of the Aleutian Islands

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