Norbert Baehr

Norbert Baehr, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baehr of  Withee, is serving in a tank corps unit in Italy. 

He entered service on December 28, 1942. He went to North Africa last fall and engaged in the fighting there with the Fifth Army. He was in the invasion of Italy and is still battling on that front.

Norbert has two brothers in service, Norman, his twin, is a Lieutenant in the Air Corps. He enlisted on October 21, 1942 and was graduated as a bombardier on July 15, 1943, Midland, Texas. At present, he is attending a school for navigators at San Marcus, Texas.

Lieutenant Kenneth Baehr, 25, Army Air Corps, enlisted on October 15, 1940 and was graduated as a pilot and commissioned in the Army Air Corps on June 26, 1943 at Mission, Texas. He is now stationed at Tampa, FL.