James (Scud) W. Bailey

Technical Sergeant James Bailey has returned to Camp Campbell, KY, after spending a 10-day furlough with his mother, Mrs. Rose Bailey, 740 Market Street. He has just been promoted to his present rank.

James W. Bailey, son of Mrs. Rose Bailey, 740 Market Street, was promoted from Technical Sergeant to Second Lieutenant in a battlefield promotion somewhere in France, on December 18, according to word received by his mother. On January 18, she received word that he was wounded in action on January 2. He was with an Armored Infantry Battalion. 

Bailey, known as "Scud," graduated from senior high school in 1939.  He enlisted in the Army on February 20, 1941 and has served in the Cavalry for a year and a half. He was then transferred to Camp Chaffee, AR.  He was stationed at Camp Campbell, KY just prior to going overseas.

City Sergeant Commissioned for Ability on Battlefield

WITH THE 14TH ARMORED DIVISION, of the Seventh Army in France--Technical Sergeant James W. Bailey, Eau Claire, of the Fourteenth Armored Division, is Second Lieutenant Bailey now--receiving a battlefield appointment to the commissioned ranks for "demonstrating outstanding ability to command in actual combat, under fire."

His company commander, in the recommendation for a commission, says of Lieutenant Bailey: "During all operations, Sergeant Bailey was continually at the head of his platoon and under constant enemy fire. His disregard for his own safety and sole concern for the carrying out of orders and proper tactical disposition of his men and weapons were instrumental in the successful accomplishments of all his missions. His leadership has been an inspiration to his men, and the superior results of his works have won the admiration and respect of men and officers alike."

When a platoon leader was fatally wounded near Gran-Fontaine in France, Sergeant Bailey assumed command of a company's first platoon, reorganized it as an assault platoon, and continued on the mission, enabling the unit to move on toward its objective.

Late in November, the battalion was halted for the night on the road to Itterswiller in Alsace. Sergeant Bailey organized a patrol to determine if the town was in enemy or friendly hands and, if road blocks were present, to reconnoiter a route through town and be prepared to guide the battalion through at dawn; to determine if a bridge leading out of the town was demolished and, if so, what amount and type of work was needed to restore it.

His company commander says: "Sergeant Bailey performed this mission admirably and brought back the vital information in sufficient time to be of valuable use."

Lieutenant Bailey was inducted into the Army on February 20, 1941 from Eau Claire.  He took basic with Troop "G" 11th Cavalry at Campo, CA and, from there, went to Fort Knox, KY to serve with Company "G" of the 49th Armored Regiment. In November 1942, he joined the 14th Armored Division at Camp Chaffee, AR in the same company in which he now serves as Second Lieutenant.

Before entering the service, he lived with his mother, Mrs. Rose Bailey, 740 Market Street, Eau Claire and worked as a pressman for the U.S. Rubber Company in the same city.