Donald Bandoli

Private First Class Madlyn Bandoli of the Women's Army Corps is now serving somewhere in Australia, according to letters received by her mother, Mrs. Lillian Bandoli, and her sister, Margaret, of this city.

In her first letter from Australia, written on May 14, Private Bandoli wrote: "Well, I really am a long, long way from home. I'm so thrilled about it all.  Am not permanently settled as yet. This country looks wonderful to me. And what a welcome we did get from the soldiers! I went to town on a pass yesterday and had a grand time. American soldiers just beg you to talk to them--they are so anxious to hear an American girl talk. The Australians seem very friendly, too. The first night we were here, they (the American soldiers) had a big dance for us. We all had a grand time.

"I had a wonderful trip. Didn't get a bit seasick. We had dances, movies and talent programs. I managed to get a good tan, too. Someday I'll tell you all about it."

A second letter tells of a visit to the city of Sydney. Private Bandoli wrote: "Spent some time on a pass in Sydney. It was most interesting and everyone was so nice. I wish you and Margy had been with me. I know that you would have loved it. It is a beautiful city and spread all over creation. They have such darling little homes. Welsh style, I believe. Almost every one has a red room. Went to the zoo while there and it really is wonderful. I have never seen such beautiful birds.

"Your letters are coming through fine now. Seems so good to get mail again.

"I haven't seen Fran (Frances Hemans) or Millicent Badman, but I understand they are here."

Private First Class Bandoli entered the WAC about a year ago at the close of the school year. She has been a teacher at Appleton for a number of years. Two of her three brothers are in the service, Lieutenant Harold Bandoli at Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA and Private Donald Bandoli of Milwaukee, now taking his basic training at Camp Stewart, GA. A sister, Mrs. Reidar Wintervold, is with the American Red Cross in its offices at Washington, DC.