Joyce A. Barager

Lieutenant Joyce Barager, Army Nurse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Barager of Owen, is now stationed at Boca Raton Field, FL. She has two brothers in the service, one at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland and one in the Aleutian Islands. Lieutenant Barager was trained at the School of Nursing of Luther Hospital here and later was a surgical nurse in St. Luke's Hospital, Milwaukee, and Good Samaritan Hospital, West Palm Beach, FL.

Joyce Barager Graduated as Flight Nurse
Lieutenant Joyce A. Barager, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon P. Barager of Owen, was awarded a diploma July 29, during impressive graduation ceremonies of the Army Air Forces School of Air Evacuation, held at the First Troop Carrier Command Base at Bowman Field, Louisville, KY. This signified successful completion of' an eight-week course of flight nurse training.

Lieutenant Barager entered the Army Nurse Corps on December 20, 1944 and was assigned to the station hospital, Boca Raton, FL, where she remained until coming to Bowman Field to begin training at the Army Air Forces School of Air Evacuation. She received her promotion to First Lieutenant in April of this year.

The Troop Carrier Command's Army Air Forces School of Air Evacuation, although scarcely one year old, has graduated twelve classes of flight nurses for service overseas. The main purpose is to equip the nurse for the vital hours she spends in a plane. Already a registered nurse before entering the school, the flight nurse specializes in subjects peculiar to the removal of ill and wounded from combat areas by air. On the trip between the combat zone and the hospital behind the lines, the flight nurse is in complete medical charge of the Troop Carrier Command's large C-47 hospital ships. To date, more than 250,000 wounded have been evacuated by the Troop Carrier Command from all theaters of this war.