Harold W. Bartig

Sergeant Harold W. Bartig left Friday evening to rejoin his Army unit in Louisiana, after spending a 15-day furlough with his wife and parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Bartig.

Sergeant Harold Bartig has been transferred from the Louisiana maneuver area to Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He is in an Infantry unit. His wife will join him in the near future.

Sergeant Harold W. Bartig has been promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, according to word received here. Staff Sergeant Bartig is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Technical Sergeant Harold W. Bartig has arrived somewhere in France, according to word received by his wife and parents.

Technical Sergeant Bartig entered the service in July 1942 and received Infantry training at Camp Swift, TX.

Eau Claire Man Gets Army Badge
Technical Sergeant Harold W. Bartig, who formerly resided at 609 Spring Street, was recently awarded the "Expert Infantryman Badge" for having attained a high degree of proficiency as an Infantry soldier in the 97th Infantry Division, Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

In order to qualify for this award, recently created by the War Department, a doughboy must complete a strenuous physical fitness test, march 25 miles in 8 hours with full field equipment, and qualify with a crew-served weapon, such as a machine gun, mortar, etc.,

The Infantryman must also run an infiltration course and pass tests on scouting and patrolling, first aid, field sanitation, military discipline and courtesy, and bayonet drill.

Sergeant Harold E. Hoepner, son of Mrs. Helmina Hoepner, 1239 South Farwell Street, and Technical Sergeant Harold W. Bartig, husband of Mrs. Arlene J. Bartig, 622 Galloway Street, have been awarded Combat Infantryman Badges.

Bartig is with the 386 Regiment, 98 Infantry Division, and participated in the Ruhr Pocket and Czechoslovakian Campaign.

Hoepner is with the 311 Regiment of the 78 Lightning Division, Rifle Company. He participated in the Germany battles for the Siegfried Line, Schmidt and Roer Dams, Remagen Bridgehead, and Ruhr Pocket.