Richardis R. Bartosh

Auxiliary Richardis Bartosh of 2819 South Slope Terrace, Eau Claire, WI, is a member of a Women's Army Auxiliary Corps unit now working at Fort Bragg, NC. The WAACs have taken over many jobs there, particularly administrative jobs in the post headquarters. Auxiliary Bartosh went to Fort Bragg from the First WAAC Training Center at Fort Des Moines, IA, where she received military training for his work.

Auxiliary Bartosh has two brothers in the service, both serving overseas at the present time. Lieutenant Walter Bartosh, who was in Guadalcanal with the Marines from October until December, is now serving his country in Australia. Private First Class Carl Bartosh is serving somewhere overseas with the Marines Air Service.

Wins Commission
FORT DES MOINES, IowaŚRichardis R. Bartosh of 2819 Slope Terrace, Eau Claire, WI, has been commissioned a Third Officer in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.

She was selected for officer training on the basis of her ability and record of work as an Auxiliary in the WAAC. Third Officer is the WAAC equivalent of Second Lieutenant.

She will be assigned to an executive position in the WAAC,  immediately taking over a non-combatant Army job and releasing a soldier for combat duty, or participating in the expanded WAAC training program which eventually will replace a full field Army with trained woman-power in behind-the-lines Army jobs.

Eau Claire Marine Cited for Bravery in Night Flight

Ten Marine aviation officers and eight enlisted men, who distinguished themselves in the successful air battle against the Japanese in the South Pacific, have received letters of commendation, it has been announced by Marine Corps.

Among the officers was First Lieutenant Walter R. Bartosh, 22, then a Second Lieutenant, who was cited for volunteering for a night search for Jap warships under unfavorable conditions.

The citation given Bartosh read: "For meritorious devotion to duty under adverse circumstances while conducting an aerial night search in the Solomon Islands area on October 19, 1942. Lieutenant Bartosh volunteered to make the important night search under very unfavorable weather conditions in order to verify reports of enemy sub activity. His successful completion of the mission determined that no enemy ships were in the area and furnished new and valuable information. During the flight, he located and bombed an enemy anti-aircraft position. His courageous conduct was in keeping with the highest traditions of naval service.''

Lieutenant Bartosh is the son of Richard Bartosh, 2819 Sornona Park, Eau Claire.  His brother, Carl J., is  serving somewhere overseas with the Marines Air Service. His sister, Richardis, is in WAAC training camp at Fort Des Moines, IA.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

The Bartosh family operated the Bartosh Cleaners and Fur Storage business on Hastings Way.