E. J. Beauchaine

Eau Claire Men Enlist in Navy
A large number of young men from Eau Claire have recently been enlisted in the U.S. Navy, stated R. W. Shuey CY, United States Naval Reserve, recruiter in charge of the Navy Recruiting Station, Chippewa Falls.

John R. Duxbury, 514 Chippewa Street and Dale L. Baldwin, 113 1/2 South Farwell Street, were enlisted as Seamen First Class (Radar Trainee). They will receive 10 months of specialized training in this new field. 

The following were enlisted for General Service: Eugene Chinnock, 1037 Barland Street; Roy Nimsger, 3080 Chippewa Street; Earl Haddeman, Route 5; James Rathbun, 401 Lincoln; Dennis E. Gibson, 530 McDonough; Tobias G. Melville, 193 Plum Street; George J. Mikesell, 417 Marston Avenue.

Laurence A. Hellmueller, 913 Cedar Street; Romaine M. Berg; Charles G. Rada, 110 South Dewey Street; Victor W. Robertson, 604 Fourth Street; Raymond F. McSorley, 904 James Street; Francis E. Nowak, 807 First Street; Earl Christensen, 402 North Michigan; Hugh M. Rongstad, 510 Forest Street; Gordon D. Skistad, 621 Center; George V. Weig, 428 Vine Street, and Byron G. Whitted 1104 5th Avenue.

Navy Recruiter E. J. Beauchaine, Specialist First Class (R), United States Naval Reserve, is at the Post Office Building, Room 32, every Thursday.   

Wins Ribbon as Pistol Expert
Oliver C. Atchison, Yeoman Second Class, USN, with the Navy Recruiting Office at Chippewa Falls, scored 256 bull's eyes out of 280 in pistol shooting at Milwaukee, Friday, and won a Pistol Expert's Award ribbon.

B. E. Beauchaine, Specialist First Class with the same recruiting unit, won a Sharpshooter Award by hitting 237 out of 280. The two are part of the recruiting staff headed by R. W. Shuey, Chief Yeoman.