Russell L. Becker

Private Russell L. Becker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Becker, 124 North Michigan Street, trained at Camp Polk and Camp Beaugard, LA; Camp Barkeley, TX and Camp Cook, CA.  

He arrived in England October 9, 1944 and then was in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and, now, he is in Germany with the 11th Armored Division under General Patton's Third Army.

Eau Claire Soldier Writes of Tragic Scenes in France
Tragic scenes in devastated sections of France made a deep impression upon Corporal Russell Becker, according to the first letter from that country received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker, 124 North Michigan Street, this city. He wrote:

"Everything is really shot up over here, and if some of the people in the States could see it and the way the people over here suffer, maybe they would be a little more satisfied. The people over here, as little as they have, are willing to share it with the American soldiers whenever they pass through the towns. I surely feel sorry for the little kids. They don't have many clothes and I doubt if they have much to eat. I hope the day never comes when we see that in the States."

Corporal Becker has been overseas for several months and was previously stationed in England.