Edward W. Beecher

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Beecher, town of Wheaton, have been notified through the Red Cross that their son, Corporal Edward Beecher, was severely wounded in action on the Anzio Beachhead in Italy.

Corporal Beecher entered the service on September 22, 1942. He went to North Africa and, from there, took part in the invasion of Sicily, serving in a Coast Artillery Battalion. From Sicily, he took part in the invasion of Italy.

Purple Heart Veteran Home on 18-Day Furlough
Corporal Edward W. Beecher is spending an 18-day furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Beecher of Elk Mound. Corporal Beecher recently returned to the United States onboard a hospital ship from an Army hospital in Naples, Italy.

Corporal Beecher received serious wounds about the arms, chest and legs on June 1, when struck by shrapnel from an exploding enemy mortar shell. At that time, the Fifth Army was making a drive on Rome and were only 15 miles south of Rome on Highway 6. Corporal Beecher was part of an anti-aircraft division, which consisted of half-tracks equipped with anti-aircraft artillery. He was a driver and radio operator of one of these half-tracks.

Corporal Beecher was awarded the Purple Heart and, in addition, wears the Good Conduct Medal and the campaign ribbon of the European Theater with two bronze stars, representing two major battles. 

Corporal Beecher served overseas 14 months and took part in the invasion and conquest of Sicily and helped to establish the Anzio Beachhead. He entered the service on September 22, 1942 and received his basic training at Camp Stewart, GA; Camp Carrabelle, FL; Camp Davis, NC; and Camp Pickett, VA. 

At the termination of his furlough, Corporal Beecher will report to Mayo General Hospital, Galesburg, IL, for further medical treatment.