Charlotte C. Bell

Receives Rating
Miss Charlotte C. Bell, daughter of Mrs. Emma K. Bell, 1521 East Madison Street, has successfully completed the regular 4-month Yeoman Training Course in two months and has received the rating of Yeoman Third Class. 

Miss Bell is one of a few top-ranking yeomen retained at Stillwater, OK for several weeks additional study and teacher's training. Upon completion of this course, Miss Bell will be detailed at one of the new WAVE yeoman schools now being organized.

Charlotte C. Bell, Yeoman Second Class, United States Naval Reserve, WAVES, Great Lakes, IL, and Mrs. George A. Crandall, Jr., of Milwaukee, were in the city during the weekend to attend the funeral of their grandfather, Herman C. Ebling.

Charlotte Bell Y 1/C, Honored at Great Lakes
Charlotte Bell, Yeoman First Class, daughter of Mrs. Emma K. Bell, 1521 East Madison Street, Eau Claire, WI, was recently selected as the "WAVE of the Week'' at the U.S. Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, IL.

Yeoman Bell entered the Women's Reserve in October 1942. A member of the first class accepted as enlisted WAVES, she attended an eight-week combination recruit training and yeoman course at Stillwater, Oklahoma. Upon graduation, she was retained as a Yeoman Third Class at Stillwater to attend a four-week practice teaching course. 

In January 1943, she reported to the Georgia State College for Women, Milledgeville, GA, as an instructor in advanced shorthand, naval correspondence, and advanced typing. She received her Second Class rating in July 1943, and reported to the Navy Relief Society at Great Lakes in August 1943. At her present assignment, she is the Senior Yeoman in charge of all personnel reports. In April 1944, she received her First Class rating. 

Yeoman Bell does not restrict her interests and progress solely to the Navy. In her spare time, she is taking a private Spanish course. She holds a four-year commercial diploma from the Eau Claire Senior High School, Eau Claire, WI and has attended the State Teachers' College in the same city. For a period of ten years prior to enlistment, Yeoman Bell was employed as secretary to the accountant of the Northern States Light and Power Company, Eau Claire.

Charlotte C. Bell, WAVES, United States Naval Reserve, daughter of Mrs. Emma K. Bell, 1521 East Madison Street, has recently been advanced to the rating of Yeoman First Class in the WAVES. 

Yeoman Bell is stationed in the Chaplain's Office of the Navy Relief Society at Great Lakes, IL. Prior to her assignment as the chaplain's yeoman, Miss Bell attended the Oklahoma A & M College in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where she received her indoctrination and training as an instructor of shorthand, typing, and Naval correspondence at the WAVES Yeoman School to Milledgeville, GA.  

The Navy Relief Society is an unofficial organization of the navy that gives financial aid in emergencies to dependents of enlisted men and officers, including Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Its purpose is to see that no wife, mother, minor children or other dependents of a Navy man shall suffer hardship, especially while he is out of the country or in case he becomes a casualty of war. 

Navy Relief is largely emergency assistance, given in the form of loans or outright grants, where sufficient need is indicated, but more specifically, it gives financial aid to a family in case of a Navy man's death, help in emergency operations or medical treatment, aid during other emergencies and emergency aid to the Navy men. 

The chaplain of a Navy activity is a representative of Navy relief and will forward requests received by him. If there is no chaplain available, the Naval officer at the station, who has charge of Navy relief, will handle these requests. 

Yeoman Bell will be in the city for Easter, visiting relatives and friends.

Charlotte C. Bell, Y 1/C, WAVES, stationed in the chaplain's office, Navy Relief Society, Great Lakes, IL, is spending an 8-day leave in the city with relatives and friends.