Robert Benish

Eau Claire Paper Cause of Meeting on U.S. Carrier
An Eau Claire Leader was instrumental in bringing two Eau Claire men together on an aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific recently and also brought cheer to the one who had not seen a paper from home for many months. 

Lieutenant Robert  Benish, United States Naval Reserve, wrote to his mother, Mrs. H. E. Benish, 847 Oxford Avenue, about the incident. 

Lieutenant Benish, shortly after being assigned to the carrier, happened to see another officer reading an Eau Claire Leader. "How come?" Benish asked. The officer  replied that he got the paper from one of the men and Benish inquired: "Have you some one from Eau Claire?" 

"Yes, Warren Howie," the other officer replied.

Lieutenant Benish promptly contacted Howie, son of Mrs. Virginia Howie, 457 Summit Avenue. Howie, a Petty Officer Third Class, Radioman, invited the Lieutenant to his quarters and loaned him copies of the Eau Claire Leader from March to August of this year.

Lieutenant Benish wrote that it was a treat to get the papers and that he read everything in them, including all the want ads. Lieutenant Benish was a geologist at Dallas, Texas, before being commissioned in the Navy.  

Warren Howie has been receiving the Leader regularly and saves all back copies. He finds The Leader popular with enlisted men and officers alike, whether they are from Eau Claire or not, for its general news.