Eugene Bergh

Pvt. H. Clark's Reunions Disprove Theory by Kipling
WITH THE 37TH INFANTRY DIVISION SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA Kipling did not have Eau Claire's Private Harold  L. Clark in mind when he stated that "East is East....never the twain shall meet." In fact, he would probably rebel at the numerous friendships that this infantryman has remade since he has been in the Southwest Pacific.

Clark, a member of a 105mm howitzer unit, has set no mean record with his renewed acquaintances from Eau Claire. At present, they total five reunions.

First, on Clark's "Jungle Club" record comes Lieutenant Colonel Wilbur Strand, a West Point graduate, now serving with the island supply section.

Then comes Corporal Manley Nelson,  a Marine Corps radio operator, formerly employed with the Gillette Rubber Company.

Next is Corporal William Spielman, who bumped into Clark during a moment of seasickness at the rail of the boat that carried them from one island to another. 

Corporal Eugene Bergh is next. A crew member of a bomber, Clark met him after he had returned from his 20th air raid.

The last serviceman met was Staff Sergeant George Day, a member of Clark's graduating class at Eau Claire High School, now serving as transportation chief  with a naval unit. 

Look again, Rudyard! The Marines, Navy, Army, and Air Corps don't give a hang for your east and west. 

Harold, the son of Mrs. Jennie Clark, was formerly employed by the O. K. Rubber Welding Company. He has been overseas since January and has been stationed on New Caledonia, Guadalcanal, and Bougainville