Freda E. Binzer

"It was quite a thrill to receive an order from Washington today that I had been made a First Lieutenant.  I had been studying for some time and working in the chief nurse's office. There's a  lot to learn and I hope I can do it when I am sent out on my own as a chief nurse." 

The above is from a letter recently received from Lieutenant Freda E. Binzer. 

Miss Binzer is the daughter of Mrs. A. W. Binder of Black River Falls and graduated from the Luther Hospital School of Nursing in 1928. Her experience since graduation has been varied and includes several years of school nursing in Eau Claire, as well as institutional work and private duty. She joined the Army Nurse Corps and has been stationed at the Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Denver, CO for the past year. 

Fitzsimmons is the largest Army Hospital in the U.S.  It has 3,000 beds now and will soon have an additional 500. Miss Binzer taught in the school at Fitzsimmons for medical technicians for several months. 

Miss Binzer says she enjoys her Army experience and expects to be sent on foreign service soon.