Harlan B. Bixby

Has Spent Year in Nazi Prison Camp
Second Lieutenant Harlan B. Bixby, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Bixby, Forest, has been a German prisoner since December 31, 1943, at Stalag Luft 1. 

He enlisted in the Army at San Pedro, CA on June 19, 1940 and was stationed at Hamilton Field, CA; Everett and Seattle, WA, where he operated a teletype for about a year, and in Chicago.

He had but one furlough in October 1941.

He received his Air Corps training at Santa Ana, CA and several other fields in California, and then received his wings at Phoenix, AZ in June 1943. From there, he went to Great Falls, MT, where he completed his training. 

He was co-pilot of a Flying Fortress, when they left for overseas on October 24, 1943, and was stationed in England. They had flown only five missions in the B-17 when they were shot down over Bordeaux and captured on the ocean near Brest.

Lieutenant Bixby wrote the last  letter received by his parents on July 16 and said he had received no letter but had gotten a cigarette parcel which pleased him very much. He wrote that the Red Cross is their life-saver. 

The young officer graduated from the Glenwood City High School in the spring of 1939.