Arvid H. Bjornton

Officer Bjornton Now Serving with Ship Repair Unit
Former Police Officer Arvid H. Bjornton, Eau Claire, is now serving with a Ship Repair Unit at Camp Peary, VA.

Now a Machinist's Mate Second Class, Bjornton left the police department here to enter the Navy on March 29. He began his work as an officer of the police force in Eau Claire on June 15, 1940.

His wife resides at 222 Babcock Street.

According to Chief of Police Chris Laursen, two other members of the department may be leaving soon for the armed service. 

Donald L. Hayden, 1540 East Madison Street, is now on vacation and will not come back at its conclusion but will immediately enter the service. Officer Hayden has been a member of the department  here since June 1, 1938. George Jevne, 667 Summer Street, a member of the department since May 1, 1942, is classified 1-A and, therefore, is due to leave soon.

Meantime, the force is getting smaller and smaller and, if the two officers who are eligible for pension soon leave the department, it will be nine men short of the regular number, the chief said. 

Those eligible for pension after 22 years of service are Peter Lyons, in April, and Thomas Golden, in May.

Petty Officer Second Class Arvid H. Bjornton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bjornton, 222 Babcock Street, is spending a 14-day furlough with his parents and his wife, who resides at 1615 Birch Street.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Arvid had a successful career on the Eau Claire Police Force.