Marshall Blaisdell

Seaman on LST in Pacific Gets Commendation
Marshall Blaisdell, Seaman First Class, who serves on an LST in the Pacific area, has received the following commendation: 

"It is my pleasant duty to place in your record the fact that you were a member of this ship's company in the assault wave of Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands and the resupply of that beachhead a short time later. As a result of the participation in these operations, you are entitled to wear the campaign ribbon for the Liberation of the Philippines with one bronze star. 

"You have also participated in an assault wave of Okinawa Shima, Ryukyu Islands, at which time this ship was credited with destroying two Japanese aircraft. 

"You carried out your duties in these engagements in a manner that reflects credit upon yourself, your ship, and the traditions of the Navy." 

It is signed by Lieutenant S. W. Hearne, Commanding Officer.

Seaman Blaisdell entered service in April 1944  and received his training at Great Lakes; VA; and Chicago. In May of 1944, he was home on leave. In June, he took his shake down and left for overseas duty in August. He has been on the Landing Ship, Tanks Ship in the South Pacific ever since. He is the wearer of three campaign ribbons and two Bronze Stars. 

His wife and three children reside at 812 Dodge Street.  He is the son of A. G. Blaisdell, Chippewa Falls. He has a brother in the Quartermaster Depot at Schnectady, NY, Lieutenant Wilbur C. Blaisdell. 

Prior to his entering the service, he was employed at the Eau Claire Book Store.