Lynn Howard Blakeley

Lynn H. Blakeley, Route 1, enlisted in the Navy at the Milwaukee Recruiting Station on December 11; William E. O’Neill, Jr., 209 East Madison Street, enlisted on December 13; and Richard M. Sackmann, Medford, enlisted on December 14.

Lynn Blakeley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Blakeley, Route 3, enlisted in the Navy at Milwaukee on December 1. He is spending 10 days at home before reporting to the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

Mr. and Mrs. Layton E. Blakeley, Route 3, have returned from a trip to Milwaukee and Chicago, and also a visit to Mr. Blakeley’s brother, Lynn, now at the Great Lakes Training Station. On this trip, Blakeley signed as baker with the Merchant Marine. He will leave Thursday for his first assignment.

Citation Recommended for PT-Boat Machinist's Mate

Robert P. Blakeley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Price Blakeley, Route 3, is steadily recovering from being seriously gassed during a battle in the South Pacific. The circumstances are explained in a citation recommendation received by his parents. Following this, Robert was promoted to Motor Machinist's Mate First Class. He has two brothers in the service, Everett in the Quartermaster's Office of the Air Corps at Eagle Pass, Texas and Lynn in the U.S. Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, IL. The recommendation is as follows:

                                                    Motor Torpedo Boats
                                                    August 16, 1943

From:     The Boat Captain of PT 170 
To:         Commander of the Motor Torpedo Boats 
Subject: Citation/Recommendation for Robert P. Blakeley
               MoMM 2/C 

"1.  It is my desire to recommend Blakeley for whatever citation you consider warranted by his actions on the night of August 3-4. 

"2.  Not only did Blakeley exhibit extreme coolness during heavy, close-range crossfire but, later on, the same night, he did knowingly put his life in great danger, rather than abandon his station in the engine room. 

"3.  As I was coming into dock, along side the PT 159, I got three buzzes from the engine room, which told me the starboard engine was out. As I did not consider this a serious casualty, I proceeded to dock the boat, using the port and center engines. Then I heard Blakeley calling for help.

"I immediately sent the other engineers below. Because a badly wounded officer blocked the passage down one side of the boat and a boarding party from a lighter caused confusion on the other, the two men were delayed momentarily. Blakeley called for help again.

"When the two men got to him, they found him still at his station, but unconscious from gas and frozen to the controls. The fumes were so thick that the two men were overcome almost at once.

"4. Not once, from the time he knew he was being gassed, until I cut the engines with the emergency ignition, did Blakeley grow sluggish at the controls and, not once, did he leave his seat.

"5. Not only did Blakeley's work prevent possible damage to my boat and the PT159, but it showed great determination on his part to do his duty regardless of personal danger." 


Lynn Blakeley, Seaman Second Class, who has been spending a three-week leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Price Blakeley, Route 3, has returned to Great Lakes, IL. He will now be sent to a training school for aviation radiomen.

Wins Wings as Air Crewman at Florida Base
Lynn H. Blakeley, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Price Blakeley, Route 3, Eau Claire, was recently awarded the Navy's air crewman wings, after completing flight combat training in Grumman Avenger torpedo bombing planes at the U.S. Navel Air Station, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Petty Officer Blakeley, an Aviation Radioman Third Class, was presented the silver and gold symbol of flight by his Commanding Officer, Captain Louis E. French, at ceremonies which climaxed months of hard training for the Wisconsin youth at this and other Navy stations.

He graduated from Eau Claire High School and enlisted in the Navy in December 1943. 


Lynn Howard Blakeley, Seaman First Class, has completed the course of training in the Aviation Radioman School at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, Memphis, TN. The son of Mrs. Marion E. Blakeley, Route 3, Eau Claire, he enlisted in the Navy in December 1943 and received his boot training at Great Lakes, IL.