Robert C. Bloom

Lt. Robert Bloom with Supply Forces
WITH US SUPPLY FORCES in France—A U.S. Army Engineer Port Construction and Repair Group, now taking part in the rehabilitation of harbors, has been commended by Brigadier General Ewart G. Plank, commanding the Advance Section, Communications Zone, for its work in reconstructing a vital railroad bridge across a French river. 

General Plank's commendation pointed out that reconstruction of the bridge involved 16 days of constant work, under German artillery fire, and also stated the work was "entirely different from the usual  combat bridging, where a temporary bridge is quickly thrown across and the work troops withdrawn." 

The Germans had efficiently dynamited the two spans of the long bridge and had destroyed the bridge truss. The port and repair group, working for 16 days in day-and-night shifts, under enemy shell fire, constructed a timber bridge with a 100-ton locomotive capacity, reinforcing the structure with timber-pile bents and steel beams.

Members of the unit include Second Lieutenant Robert C. Bloom, CE, 1252 South Farwell Street.