Charles Boetcher

Howard Boetcher, Seaman First Class, and his brother, Private Charles Boetcher, have returned to their respective posts, after visiting their mother, Mrs. Vera Boetcher, 544 Balcom Street. Howard had taken part in the invasion of France.  He was on a 30-day leave here, following an appendicitis operation.  He is now at Norfolk, VA for reassignment.   Charles was home for 15 days during that time and is now at a port of embarkation.

Private Charles Boetcher, son of Mrs. Vera Boetcher, 544 Balcom Street, has arrived somewhere in the South Pacific. 

He entered service on July 27, 1944 at Fort Sheridan, IL and received his basic training at Camp Stewart, GA with the Anti-Aircraft Battalion and with the Infantry, at Camp Roberts, CA and Fort Ord, CA. 

His brother,  Howard,  is stationed at Fort Pierce, Florida with the U.S. Navy.