Arland R. Boettcher

Returns to Duty Overseas After Visit at Home
Ensign Arland R. Boettcher has returned to his base after spending ten days with his wife and son, Curtis, at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Boettcher, 722 Third Avenue. Accompanied by his wife, he left for Providence, RI for two weeks of schooling. 

After leaving Providence, they traveled to Miami, FL, where Ensign Boettcher secured transportation to his overseas base. Mrs. Boettcher returned home Monday.

Ensign Boettcher's brother, Donald, is an Aviation Technician taking care of Navy carrier planes somewhere in the Pacific.

Pilot of Navy Bomber Promoted
A. R. Boettcher, a Navy Pilot, has been promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant, junior grade. For the past year, he has been flying a patrol bomber in the Caribbean Theater of Operations. 

Lieutenant Boettcher received his commission as a Navy Flyer at Pensacola, Florida, after pre-flight training at Iowa City and primary at Minneapolis.

His wife and son, Curtis, are staying at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Boettcher, 722 Third Avenue.