Grant Adrian Bogstad

Robert J. Bosier, son of Mrs. Emma Bosier, 316 Hudson Street, and Grant A. Bogstad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Bogstad, Rural Route 2, are receiving their boot training at the United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL.

Sergeant Byron S. Bogstad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Bogstad, Route 3, is serving in the Supply Division of the Air Corps in the Hawaiian Islands, according to word received here. 

He entered the service on March 16, 1942 and received his training at Colorado Springs, CO; Brockville, FL; Orlando, FL; Wendover Field, UT; and Mountain Home, ID.

Sergeant Sylvester A. Bogstad, his brother, is now in Italy. Entering the service on January 8, 1942, he trained at Fort Knox, KY; Fort Benning, GA; and Camp Bowie, Texas. 

Private First Class Kenneth W. Bogstad, twin brother of Sylvester, is now in Texas. He entered the service on June 6, 1941 and, after training at Fort Ord, Camp Roberts, San Luis Obispo, and San Jose, CA, went overseas. He was in foreign service for 12 months, before returning to the United States for classification. He was in the battle of the Aleutians. 

They have two brothers in the service stationed in the United States. Apprentice Seaman Grant Bogstad is at Great Lakes, IL and Sergeant Joseph Bogstad is at Boca Raton, FL. 

Grant Adrian Bogstad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Bogstad, Route 3, Eau Claire, was graduated recently from the Naval Air Technical Training Center, located at Norman, OK. While at the Norman school, he studied the aviation specialty field for which his recruit training aptitude tests showed he was best-suited and is now eligible to earn a Petty Officer rate. The newly graduated man is now awaiting further duty orders either to sea or to a Naval base.

Sergeant Joseph Bogstad, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Bogstad, Route 3, arrived on Luzon on May 1, according to word received here. Sergeant Bogstad entered service on September 30, 1942 and received his training at Newark, NJ and Camp Murray, FL. He was an instructor at Boca Raton, FL for a year. 

He has four brothers in the service: Private First Class Kenneth, at Camp Ellis, IL; Sergeant Byron, at Palau Island; Sergeant Sylvester, in Italy; and Grant, Seaman First Class, at Norfolk, VA

His wife and son reside at 905 Water Street.