Harry Lew Bolles

Is Navy Flier
CORPUS CHRISTI, TX—Harry Lew Bolles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bolles, of 1420 Ninth Street, Menomonie, WI was graduated on September 6 from the Naval Air Training Center, Corpus Christi and was commissioned an Ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve. 

He received his preliminary flight instruction at the Norman, OK Naval Air Base. 

Each Naval Aviator is an expert flyer, navigator, aerologist, gunner, and radio operator. 

Naval Aviators fly carrier-based or land-based planes in combat zones or at Naval air stations at home and abroad. 

Types of planes in Naval aviation include fighters, dive bombers, scout and observation, multi-engine bombers, patrol planes and air transports. 

Whether in the Marine Corps or in the Navy, Naval Aviators wear the "Wings of Gold."