John P. Bonner

Reports to Post in California
Lieutenant (junior grade) John P. Bonner, United States Naval Reserve, reported for duty on December 4 at the United States Naval Training and Distribution Center at Camp Parks, Shoemaker, CA, after a leave of absence from November 20 to December 1.

Lieutenant and Mrs. Bonner and daughter Kathleen visited in Stevens Point, Superior, St. Paul and Alexandria, MN, while he was on leave.

Lieutenant Bonner, a graduate of the University of Minnesota, practiced dentistry here, until he received his commission as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade in the Navy and left for active duty last February. He was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL for 10 months.

Lt. John Bonner Reports to Great Lakes for Duty
Dr. John P. Bonner, who was commissioned as a Lieutenant (junior grade) in the United States Naval Reserve, has been called to active duty.  He reported February 4 at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. 

Lieutenant Bonner, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Bonner, Superior, was graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1936 and practiced dentistry in Eau Claire for the past seven years. He was an active member of the Exchange Club.

Mrs. Bonner and daughter, Kathleen, will continue to reside in Eau Claire.

Lieutenant (junior grade) John Bonner spent Easter here with his wife and daughter, Kathleen. Lieutenant Bonner is stationed at Great Lakes, IL.