L. T. Boortz

Lt. L. T. Boortz at Jacksonville Gunnery School
Dr. L. T. Boortz, who was active in the practice of dentistry in Eau Claire the past 13 years, was appointed Lieutenant, Senior Grade, in the Dental Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve, and reported for duty March 1.

Lieutenant Boortz, who is on duty at the Naval Air Gunner's School at Jacksonville, FL, graduated from Marquette University in 1930 and located in Eau Claire shortly thereafter. He has served as president of the Eau Claire County Dental Society, the Playhouse Players, in which he was active several years, and was vice president of the Eau Claire Exchange Club. During his residence in Eau Claire, he was a member of the board of the Methodist church. 

Lieutenant Boortz, who is accompanied by his family, writes that they enjoy Jacksonville but miss their numerous friends and acquaintances in Eau Claire. The school to which he is assigned trains men who man the Navy's fighter and bomber planes.