Harris L. Borreson

Harris L. Borreson, Seaman First Class, is now serving somewhere on the Atlantic, according to word received by Bertha Borreson, his wife, 205 Newton Street.

Borreson enlisted in the Navy on November 5, 1942 and received his boot training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

Harris Borreson, Seaman First Class, has been home on furlough, visiting his wife and other relatives in this city. Borreson has returned to his ship somewhere on the North Atlantic.

On Mine Sweeper in France D-Day
Harris Borreson, Ship's Cook Third Class, who is stationed on a yard mine sweeper, was one of the first Americans to reach the coast of France on invasion day.

In a letter to his wife, Mrs. Bertha Borreson, 203 Newton Street, he wrote, "It was dark when we went in. When we had the mines swept, the big ships moved in and started firing at coastal positions. It wasn't long before shells and bombs were bursting all around us. Soon the skies were black with Allied planes, and they sure helped us." 

He says all the boys are in a fighting spirit. 

Enlisting in the Navy in November 1942, Borreson received his boot training at Great Lakes. He was stationed at New York, until last April, when he was sent to England. 

His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Thor Borreson of Strum.