Herbert G. Bowe

Herbert Bowe, Army Air Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bowe, Hallie, is stationed somewhere in England, according to word received by his parents.

He enlisted in the Air Corps in October 1941 and has been stationed at Scott Field, IL; Stewart Field, West Point, NY; Kearns, UT; and Blythe, CA. 

He is now serving with a bomber squadron.

AN EIGHTH AIR FORCE BOMBER STATION, England. Sergeant Herbert G. Bowe, 25, of Chippewa Falls, an Armament Specialist with the 34th Bombing Group, is shown repairing one of the caliber .50 machine guns mounted in a B-17 Flying Fortress during Eighth Air Force bombing attacks on military and industrial targets in Nazi Germany. 

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Bowe, Route 1, Chippewa Falls. Before entering the Army Air Forces in October 1941, the Sergeant was employed by the National Pressure Cooker Company in Eau Claire.