Donald J. Brimmer

Granted Rotation Furlough After 30 Months in Pacific
WITH 6TH INFANTRY DIVISION, on Luzon--Private First Class Donald J. Brimmer, of 1620 Emery Street, is returning home on rotation after more than 30 months overseas in the Southwest Pacific Theater.

Before landing with American Amphibious Forces at Lingayen Gulf  last January 9, Brimmer, member of a front-line Infantry Rifle Company, was stationed in New Guinea where he participated in the Sansa[?] and Maffin Bay Campaigns. He is a member of the regiment which was a major factor in clearing the Japanese from Bataan Peninsula.

At Miami Beach for Reassignment
MIAMI BEACH, FL, May 15 Private First Class Donald J. Brimmer, 27, husband of Mrs. Donald J. Brimmer, 1620 Emery Street, Eau Claire, WI, is now being processed through the Army Ground and Service Forces Redistribution Station in Miami Beach, where his next assignment will be determined.

Private First Class Brimmer served 36 months as a rifleman in the Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations. While there, he was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon with three Battle Stars, and the Philippine Liberation Campaign Ribbon with one Battle Star. 

Army Ground and Service Forces Redistribution Stations are located in various parts of the United States. Military personnel returning from overseas are processed through these stations before assignment to military organizations and installations within the United States. During the period that returnees stay at an Army Ground and Service Forces Redistribution Station, they are given a painstaking occupational and physical classification, as well as physical and dental reconditioning together with various lectures designed to reorient men recently returned from combat areas. This processing is carried on without haste in pleasant surroundings conducive to mental and physical relaxation. 

Before entering the service, Private First Class Brimmer was employed as a file clerk by the U.S. Rubber Company. He became a member of the Armed Forces on October 15, 1940.