Lloyd V. Brovald

Serve on the Seas or Overseas
Private Lloyd V. Brovold, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Brovold, 1315 South Farwell Street, is serving with the Finance Department somewhere in the Middle East.

Private Brovold entered the service on September 9, 1942 and took his finance training at Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN.

Veteran of Middle East War Theater Completes Course
Colonel L. N. Smith, Commanding Officer of the Army Service Forces Training Center and Commandant of the Army Finance School, has  announced that Technical Sergeant Lloyd V. Brovald has successfully completed the Termination Accounting and Auditing Course conducted by the Army Finance School, Army Service Forces Training Center, Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn A. Brovald, 1315 South Farwell Street.

The Termination Accounting and Auditing Course is given for the purpose of training especially selected officers, enlisted men and civilians in contract termination accounting and auditing procedures. Personnel, thus trained, will be qualified to perform the necessary auditing and to prepare the necessary reports required by the government whenever a supply contract has been terminated for the convenience of the government. This training program is being conducted now, so that the War Department will be able to handle, with speed and efficiency, the mass of terminations which will inevitably accompany the conclusion of any major phase of the present conflict. 

Sergeant Brovald has served in the Middle East Theater of War for two years as Finance Clerk, before reporting to duty as a Contract Termination Auditor, Chicago Ordnance District, Chicago, IL. Prior to his entry into service, he was an accountant for Arthur Andersen and Company, Chicago, IL.

Lloyd Brovald Now in Egypt
HEADQUARTERS, U. S. Army Forces in the Middle East, Cairo, Egypt. January 10 The year 1944 ended up with a bang for Lloyd V. Brovald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn A. Brovald, 1315 South Farwell Street, who is serving with USAFIME in the Headquarters Finance Office. 

In November, he was awarded the Army's Good Conduct Medal for "faithful and exact performance of duty."

In December, he was promoted from grade of Staff Sergeant to grade of  Technical Sergeant and, during the same period, he completed a U.S. Armed Forces Institute course in Intermediate Accounting II, studying on his free time, during the evening to do so. 

Sergeant Brovald, who has been serving with USAFIME for 22 months, is principal clerk of the accounting section of  the finance office. In civilian life, he was employed by Arthur Anderson & Company, CPA, 120 South LaSalle Street, Chicago. He was graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a PhB degree in June 1941.

Sergeant Home After 23 Months Service in Egypt
Capping overseas service with a trans-oceanic hop aboard a fleet ATC plane, two Wisconsin veterans today were clearing Air Transport Command's Miami Army Air Field. 

"The trip home by ATC plane was swell," they agreed, but both were anxious for the next lap of their trip to their homes. 

Technical Sergeant Lloyd V. Brovald, 24, Eau Claire, has served 23 1/2 months in the finance department with the Air Forces in the Middle East and has just returned from Egypt. The former accountant is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn A. Brovald, 1315 South Farwell Street.

First Lieutenant John R. Jung, 25, Milwaukee, has served 14 months in the China-India-Burma Theater with the Air Transport Command. He has been awarded the Air Medal and Cluster, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and Distinguished Citation.