Daniel F. Brown

Is Made Captain in U. S. Army Air Force
Lieutenant Daniel F. Brown, Field Communications Officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps, whose squadron is based in Corsica, has been promoted to the rank of Captain, according to an announcement received by his parents, Water Superintendent and Mrs. Edward Brown, 308 Maple Street.

Landing with the American invasion forces at Casablanca, Captain Brown saw service first in Africa, then in Sicily, for several months in Italy, and is now on the island of Corsica. 

According to the Army and Navy Journal, the squadron with which Captain Brown has been serving is the only American squadron which was ever based on the island of Malta. 

Captain Brown had his first training at Scott Field, IL; later at Orlando Field, FL; and at Rogers Field, Oklahoma.

Eau Claire Air Force Officer Home; Was in 7 Major Battles

Captain Daniel F. Brown, of the l2th U.S. Army Air Force, is home from Europe on a 30-day leave, visiting his parents, City Water Superintendent and Mrs. Edward Brown. He is under orders to report for duty at the end of his leave at Santa Ana Air Base, California. He has seen 30 months of service overseas. He has been in the service more than 40 months. 

Captain Brown, who was Field Communications Officer with the Army Air Force, wears six stars and has a seventh coming up for his participation in the last major campaign in the Po Valley in Italy. 

The six stars, which he already has, cover the Algerian-French Morocco Campaign, after landing with the American invasion forces at Casablanca; the Tunisian Campaign, the Sicilian Campaign, the Naples-Foggia Campaign, the Rome-Arno Campaign and the Southern France Campaign. 

The Po Valley Campaign followed the latter. 

Captain Brown also has a Presidential Unit Citation for participation in the action at Casserine Pass in the Tunisian Campaign and, for this same action, the squadron was given the Distinguished Unit Badge, which members of the squadron are permitted to wear permanently. 

Captain Brown had his first training at Scott Field, IL, having entered the service on January 15, 1942. His later training was at Orlando Field, FL and at Rogers Field, Oklahoma.

War Department Cites Bomb Group
WITH AN A-20 HAVOC GROUP IN ITALY--Captain Daniel F. Brown of 308 Maple Street, received his most welcome Christmas gift of the year when, on the morning of 25 December, the veteran flight bomb group to which he belongs received official orders, awarding it a War Department Citation, the highest organizational honor bestowed by the U.S. Army.

Captain Brown came overseas in November 1942. He has been with the 47th Bombardment Group since July 1942.