Frank Brushert

Frank Brushert, 930 Grand Avenue East, has been awarded the Navy Distinguished Flying Cross "for heroism and extraordinary achievement" in aerial warfare in the Solomon Islands. 

Lieutenant Brushert, graduate of Eau Claire High School and the state teachers college here, was commissioned in the Marine Air Corps nearly a year ago and has been in the Pacific Theater of Operations several months. 

The citation was recently received by Frank Brushert with a letter, in which Lieutenant Brushert declares he would like to have also sent the medal but was afraid it might be lost in transit.

The citation, which is signed by Rear Admiral T. S. Wilkinson, Deputy Commander of the South Pacific area, reads as follows: 

CITATION: "For heroism and extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial attacks against Japanese naval forces and land installations in the Solomon Islands area during the period from December 5 to 15, 1942.  

"On December 3,  Lieutenant Brushert participated in an attack against a force of enemy cruisers and destroyers at a distance of 175 miles from his base and made his return flight in darkness, after scoring a damaging hit on a cruiser which contributed materially to turning back the dangerous force. The successful attack was made despite heavy anti-aircraft fire from the enemy ships. 

"He also took part in two attacks on enemy land installations at Munda Point on December 12 and 15. These destructive attacks were accomplished in spite of severe anti-aircraft fire and with outstanding skill and determination. His courageous action, taken with complete disregard for his own safety and which resulted in extensive damage to the enemy, was in keeping with highest traditions of the Naval service."