Jack L. Brushert

Jack Brushert Is Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
Jack Brushert, son of Frank Brushert of Eau Claire, has been promoted from Second to First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps Air Force, according to word received here today.

Lieutenant Brushert is stationed as a pilot at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, and has participated in the aerial duels and attacks on shipping in the Solomons area for some time.

He was recently cited in dispatches for a direct hit on a Jap destroyer in one of the big Naval actions around Guadalcanal.

Jap Destroyer Blasted by Eau Claire Marine Flier; Supply Force Turned Back
United States Marine Airmen have struck a smashing blow against a Japanese destroyer force attempting to crash a blockade and land supplies and reinforcements to hard-pressed enemy troops in northwest Guadalcanal. 

Strike at Dusk 
Striking at dusk yesterday, torpedo dive-bombers scored hits on four of the ships steaming along in three columns 160 miles from Guadalcanal. At the same time, Grumman Wildcat and Bell Airacobra fighters shot down 10 of a group of 12 enemy float biplanes escorting the destroyer force. 

The Japanese ships were spotted yesterday afternoon about 260 miles northwest of the island, traveling at a speed of 20 knots. They were carrying reinforcements for beleaguered forces at Guadalcanal and were believed planning to shell the Americans at Henderson Field. The growing darkness made it impossible to determine whether any of the destroyers had been sunk but, this morning, a portion of the crippled Jap force was observed fleeing northward to the enemy base at Buin.

Eau Claire Marine Receives Decoration on Guadalcanal
Captain Brushert is the son of Frank A. Brushert, 930 Grand Avenue East. Announcement of his decoration and promotion from First Lieutenant to Captain was made recently. In a letter to his father, he said he has completed a rest period in the Fiji Islands and has been, again, assigned to combat duty in the Solomons area.

Captain Jack L. Brushert (third from left) of Eau Claire, Marine Corps Reserve, is shown lined up with other officers during ceremonies on Guadalcanal at which Captain Brushert was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. The other officers and their decorations are, left to right: Major R. H. Richard (DFC), Cody, WY; Captain L. N. Pool (DFC), Longmont CO; Captain Brushert; Lieutenant H. E. Hood (DFC), Estelline, TX; and Lieutenant W. M. Ellison (DFC), Ranger, TX.

Betty Dermody and Capt. J. Brushert Wed at Santa Ana
Miss Betty Dermody, daughter of Major and Mrs. John Dermody of the Salvation Army, formerly of Eau Claire now of Bloomington, IN, and Captain Jack L. Brushert, U.S. Marine Air Corps, son of Frank Brushert of Eau Claire, were married Thursday, November 18, at the Presbyterian Wedding Chapel at Santa Ana, CA. Reverend A. E. Kelly performed the ceremony. 

Attending the bride was Mrs. Austin Wiggins, while Captain Austin Wiggins of the U.S. Marine Air Corps was best man. 

The bride attended Eau Claire State Teachers College and Indiana University, where she majored in Home Economics and was affiliated with the Phi Omega Pi social sorority.

Captain Brushert received his bachelor's degree from Eau Claire State Teachers College in 1941. He enlisted in the Naval Reserve and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Air Corps. Capain Brushert returned from the South Pacific, after receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. At present, he is instructing at the Marine Air Base at El Toro, CA. He expects to return to active duty in a few months. Mrs. Brushert will then resume her studies at Indiana University. 

Captain and Mrs. Brushert are now at home at 922 North Freeman Street, Santa Ana, CA.

Eau Claire Pilot Is Now Major in the Marine Corps
Jack L.  Brushert, 25, son of Frank Brushert, 930 East Grand Avenue, has been promoted from Captain to Major in the U.S. Marine Corps, effective last August 25, it was learned here. 

Major Brushert is a veteran pilot with 21 months of battle experience in the Pacific area. He was a member of Marine Corps squadron of dive bombers that occupied Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, during the tense days when it appeared a toss-up whether the Japs or Americans would win the struggle for that important base. He was credited with a direct hit on a Japanese destroyer and had a couple of Zeros to his credit, before being returned to the United States for a leave. 

He visited home here in September, a year ago, and then went to Santa Ana, CA, as instructor in dive-bombing. Last March, he returned to the Pacific war theater with a dive-bomber squadron and has been operating in cooperation with Navy thrusts deeper and deeper into Japanese-controlled territory.

He writes that the dive-bombing planes they have now are great improvements over the ones they had at Guadalcanal. He has flown over old familiar places in the Guadalcanal, New Guinea zone and says things look much different around there now. Regarding present action, he said, in a letter to his father, "It is pretty hot here in more ways than one."