R. A. Buckley

Called to Serve with U. S. Navy
Dr. R. A. Buckley, 304 Roosevelt Avenue, who has been commissioned Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve, left this afternoon for Great Lakes to assume the duties of his new job.

Lieutenant Commander Buckley has been actively engaged in the practice of surgery and medicine in Eau Claire the past six years. He graduated from Marquette Medical School in 1930, served his internship at Milwaukee County Hospital, and was resident at the same institution the year following. Dr. Buckley came to Eau Claire after six years in practice at Durand. His appointment, received a month ago, lists him as "surgeon, with rank of Lieutenant Commander." 

Mrs. Buckley and their two children will remain in Eau Claire.

Leaves for Duty in South Pacific
Lieutenant Commander R. A. Buckley, called into Naval service from his duties as civilian physician and surgeon here last February, is en route to the South Pacific Theater of War. 

Lieutenant Commander Buckley came to Eau Claire by airplane last Sunday and spent two days leave with his wife and family, before leaving for a West Coast port of embarkation. 

He was transferred to the Marine Corps on July 1, after preliminary work at Great Lakes, where he was in charge of  the dispensary at Camp Moffett, and will be assigned to duty at a South Pacific Marine hospital base. Since July 1, he was stationed it Camp Le Jeune, New River, NC.