David Bugher

Eau Claire Officers on Same Bomber in Mission
A SEVENTH AAF HEAVY BOMBER BASE IN THE PALAUS (Delayed) —When Captain Don Rowe of Eau Claire, Wisconsin stopped off at the Marianas to participate in a Seventh Army Air Force heavy bomber mission against Iwo Jima, before joining his squadron here, he found that Lieutenant David Bugher, with whom he attended high school, was navigator of the plane.

"It was really a pleasant surprise to find Dave there," Captain Rowe said. "He lived on State Street in Eau Claire, not far from me, and we had chummed around together during and after high school days. 

"The Iwo Jima strike, Dave's ninth, was my first, and it gave me a chance to get a line on things. Six Jap fighters intercepted us and dropped phosphorous bombs into the formation. We got through okay."

Captain Rowe is Operations Officer for his Seventh Army Air Force squadron. His wife, Geraldine, and daughter, Carole Ann, reside at 1566 East Madison Street, Eau Claire. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rowe of 818 South Barstow, Eau Claire.

After attending Eau Claire High School and teachers college, he entered the Army Air Forces in November 1941 and was commissioned in July 1942. A brother, Allard, is in the Navy and is stationed in Chicago.

Lieutenant Bugher is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bugher, Route 4, Chippewa Falls.