Virgil H. Burns

Flight Officer Mason R. Burns, son of Mrs. L. E. Burns, 320 Eighth Avenue, is now serving in Italy, according to the word received here. 

He was inducted on February 14, 1942 and received training in San Antonio, TX; Pine Bluff, AR; Independence, KS; Ellington Field, TX; Sedalia, MO; and Fort Wayne, IN. He graduated as pilot from Ellington Field, Texas on  March 15, 1913 and left for overseas in October 1944. 

His brother, Private First Class Virgil H. Burns, is stationed at Pyote, TX, as a bombsight mechanic.

The promotion of Private First Class Virgil H. Burns of Eau Claire to Corporal was announced today by Colonel A. E. Key, Commanding Officer of Pyote Army Air Field, TX. The 28-year-old son of Mrs. Emma Burns of 320 Eighth Avenue, Corporal Burns entered the service on October 14, 1942 and came to Pyote in July 1943. Corporal Burns is a bombsight mechanic.