John W. Carney

Graduated from Navigation School
Lieutenant John W. Carney, 27, of  844 Second Avenue, was a member of the final class of aerial navigators to be graduated from Ellington Field, Texas.

His wife, the former Norma Margaret Gentes, and their three children, Leslie, Rodger, and Patricia, make their home at Lieutenant Carney's address in Eau Claire. He attended Urbana Junior College, Champaign, IL 1934 to 1936 and Wittenberg College, Springfield, IL to 1939, where he became a member of Phi Mu Delta and the Eagles. In civilian life, he was employed with the National Pressure Cooker Company, Eau Claire.

Ellington Field is now the only field of its kind in the Army Air Forces--the concentration and training point for returned-from-combat navigators. They are given graduate training and special instruction to broaden their usefulness to the Army Air Forces.

Robert H. Boehlke, 1515 Birch Street; John W. Carney, 844 Second Avenue; Eugene Carl Ellingson, 808 Market Street; and Malcolm H. Croll, 408 1/2 Dodge Street are at the San Antonio, Texas Aviation Cadet Center, receiving pre-flight training.