Mary Jane Cary

Miss Cary is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cary, 812 Oxford Avenue. She enlisted in the WAVES on February 11. She is stationed at the Bureau of Aeronautics. She has a brother, Corporal Ralph B. Cary, in the Army. 

At Cedar Falls
Mary Jane Cary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cary of 812 Oxford Avenue, has completed her basic training at Hunter College, New York City and is taking an extensive commercial course at Cedar Falls, IA.

Miss Cary joined the WAVES on March 21 of this year and received her rating as Seaman Second Class upon completion of her boot training.

She is a graduate of St. Patrick's High School in this city and was employed as a secretary at the U.S. Rubber Company Plant here for three years.

Six Waves End Training and Receive Assignments
Eighty Northwest WAVES, who recently completed their boot training at Hunter College, have now reported to 10 different specialized schools and five other active duty stations, according to Howard Whamond, Specialist First Class (R) United States Naval Reserve, Recruiter in Charge, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls Navy Recruiting Stations. 

Eau Claire girls and their assignments are Katherine D. Moussette, Seaman Second Class, 124 1/2 North Oxford, direct assignment to Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA; Carmen N. Hoeppner, Seaman Second Class, 414 Summer Street, gunnery; Betty J. Mittelstadt, Seaman Second Class, 525 Hudson Street, Naval Training School (aircraft), Chicago, IL; Patricia E. Eusty, Seaman Second Class, 708 Chippewa Street, Naval Training School, Chicago, IL; Mary J. Cary, Seaman Second Class, 812 Oxford Avenue, Yeoman; Mary A. Shilts, Seaman Second Class, direct assignment to Washington, DC. 

Classification for these various Navy billets is the major responsibility of Hunter College, and selection is based on the candidate's choice, the result of comprehensive aptitude tests, past business experience, and the need of the Navy. 

The largest number of WAVES reported to the Navy Yeoman Schools at Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa and Oklahoma A & M College, Stillwater, Oklahoma. All girls included in this category have had some office experience, previous to entering the WAVES, as clerks, stenographers, secretaries, office girl, typists, or supervisors. 

The Hospital Corps claimed the next largest number of girls. Previous experience is not necessary for this field, but a request must come from the girl herself before she is considered for this type of duty. Training for beginners is given at the Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD. Technicians with previous hospital experience are sent directly to the Naval Hospital, St. Albans, Long Island, NY for more advance training in their specialties.

A dozen northwest girls were retained at Hunter College, pending their assignment in other specialized schools, for which their background and experience qualified them, such as mail clerks, supervisors, personnel classifiers, photographers; IBM operators.

Aircraft Instrument Maintenance School, Chicago and the Radio School, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio took three Northwest WAVES each.

Other schools to which WAVES, enlisted through the Minneapolis WAVE Office, reported are Control Tower Operator and Link Trainer Instructor, Atlanta, GA; Aerial Gunnery Instructor, Pensacola, FL; Photograph Research, Anacostia, MD; and Storekeeper, Milledgeville, GA. 

West Coast naval stations to which WAVES were sent on direct assignment included San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Pasco, WA. Five others reported to Washington, DC.

Eau Claire Girls Serve in WAVES at Washington
Three Eau Claire girls are among the Women Reservists now on duty with the Navy in Washington, DC, releasing a man to fight at sea with the fleet. They are Mary Jane Cary, Mary A. Friedeck, and Berdella Sather. All have the rating of Yeoman Third Class. 

Miss Cary is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cary, 812 Oxford Avenue. She enlisted in the WAVES on February 11. She is stationed at the Bureau of Aeronautics. She has a brother, Corporal Ralph B. Cary, in the Army. 

Miss Friedeck is the daughter of Mrs. Frank Friedeck, 1312 Lyndale Avenue. She entered the WAVES on January 15 and is stationed at Chief Naval Operations Bureau. 

Miss Sather, daughter of Mrs. Tena O. Sather, 701 1/2 Kendall Street, entered the service on August 25, 1943 and is now stationed at the Bureau of Naval Personnel. She has three brothers in the service, Sergeant Clarence Sather with the Army Air Forces in England, Private First Class Orville with the Army Air Forces in Italy, and Raymond, Seaman First Class, in the Navy on submarine duty.  

All of the girls had their recruit training at Hunter College, New York City and their specialist training at Cedar Falls, Iowa. They live in  WAVE quarters in Washington. 

In their liberty hours, they are free to participate in the many activities planned by the recreation officer and other members of ship's company at the quarters or to visit the many places of interest around the capital. Social opportunities for servicewomen range from teas at the famous embassies to dances and entertainment at the various canteens and USO clubs. 

Women Reservists in the capital have proven their value, not only as replacements for men, but as trained naval personnel, doing jobs in their own right. They are fulfilling, responsible assignments in every type of naval work under the jurisdiction of the Potomac River Naval Command.

Pvt. John Cary Arrives in India
Mr. and Mrs. John Cary have received word that their son, Private John Cary, has arrived in India. 

Private Cary entered the service on July 27, 1944. He received his basic training at Sheppard Field, TX. In November, he was graduated from Chanute Field, IL.  From there, he went to Salt Lake City; Kearns, UT; and southern California. He left for overseas early in March.

He has a brother, Sergeant Ralph Cary, in England, and a sister, Mary Jane Cary, Yeoman Third Class, in Washington, DC.